[Absorb4] Adding ILTs To Course Bundles / Curricula


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans


When adding an ILT to a Course Bundle/Curricula we recommend that you select the "Allow user to choose session" option rather than selecting a specific session. The below document will explain the reasoning behind this setup and help you through the process. 


  • Unless you are prepared to update the Course Bundle/Curricula between each session, learners will be enrolled into sessions that have already occurred (expired).

  • On the other hand if you were to select just the course, the learner will have the ability to select a session on their own through the UI. 


  1. Edit the Course Bundle/Curricula and select the Outline tab.
  2. Select the Add Courses button, from here bring up the ILT (through search or navigating through course hierarchy).
  3. Once the ILT is visible you will be given the option of selecting just the course or a specific session within the course. This is where you will be selecting the course. Be sure to click-on the Done button once you have completed this task. 

    4. The below screen capture demonstrates what a learner will see in the User Interface when accessing the ILT within the Course Bundle/Curricula. As you can see only "Session B" is visible for enrollment because "Session A" is currently expired. 

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