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Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans


Videos offer a new medium for delivering course content that is both faster and easier to setup compared to regular SCORM content. They are also very simple, which massively reduces the potential support issues and makes them much more reliable in terms of completion data. When combined with an Absorb assessment, you get a straightforward course that is also HTML5 compatible and displays beautifully on all devices. Please note that this lesson type is only available in our UI 3. 

Uploading a Video

Videos can be added with the file manager by selecting and existing video or uploading one (200MB file size max). If your video is larger than 200MB it can be uploaded via our FTP. If you require access to the FTP please reach out to support@absorblms.com for assistance.

1) To select an existing file:

Edit the lesson you want the video to be associated with and select the "Browse" button. A new window, the file manager,  will then open that will allow you to search for the video within your portal's folder. Find the correct video by browsing the existing folders or using the filter bar to search for it.  Select the file and then click "OK". Going back to the lesson window the source should then populate with the the file and its directory. 

 Once the video is uploaded you can then select the video from the file manager to select as the source. 

2) To upload new video content:

Select "Browse" to bring up the file manager. In the file manager, select the folder that you want the content uploaded to and then select the "Upload" button. A smaller window will appear. Hit "Select" to find the video on your own drive. You can upload numerous content at once. To add more fields to upload more content, select the "Add" button. When you're ready to upload the content, select "Upload" button in that smaller window. The uploaded content will then be uploaded to the folder that you've specified. You will then need to select the video you want to use and click "OK". The file will be linked properly if you can see the source and directory back in the Lesson window under the Source field. 


Uploading different video formats and qualities

Both of these features are initially  performed in the same manner:

Adding Source Fields

Use the "+" to add the amount of source fields to correspond with the amount of videos you want to link to this course (whether that's different formats or qualities)  and then browse and select the content as was just as described above. 

Labeling Different Video Qualities 

If you have videos of different qualities, you can add a label with how you want them to appear to the users. For example, I have two different videos of different quality in the below image and I have decided to label with their specific resolution. You can label the videos with whatever best suits your needs:


Video Quality Selection on the User Interface

Now when a learner is in the user interface they can now specify what video quality works best for them by selecting the "HD" button when the video is open. This is how it appears to the user:


Video Subtitles

The video player that we use within our LMS allows for VTT subtitle files. These files can be attached to a video lesson by uploading them via the lesson details, as seen below:

Once the subtitles are saved, they will be available to the video player in the user interface. You can also use the checkbox below to have the subtitles display by default.


HTML5 Compatible 

Additionally, if all of the content that you're uploading to the course is HTML5 compatible, meaning that it can be viewed in mobile devices and does not require Adobe Flash, we recommend that you also enable checkbox under the settings tab of the course:   


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