[Absorb4] Bulk Enrolling Large Groups Of Learners


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans


While there are a few ways to do this, the most efficient method would be to use a course bundle. 

  1. Create a course bundle and add your course/courses to it. This bundle will not be visible to your learners so I would recommend giving it a name and description that helps you remember what it is for, e.g. Auto Enroll All Learners
  2. Turn on Automatic Enrollment for the bundle but don't set any rules. This will match all learners currently in your system and enroll them in the chosen courses. You can confirm that everyone is being matched when you select the Confirm button, as a warning will appear letting you know how many learners meet the criteria for this course bundle.

  3. Once the course bundle has been successfully created, all existing learners and any new learners will automatically be enrolled into the courses contained in the bundle. Note that there may be a short delay when adding new learners so please consider that when planning.
  4. You can also add courses to the course bundle at any time which will push those courses to all users. However, course bundles can never be used to remove courses from your learners. Dropping a course from the bundle will only stop new learners from receiving that course rather than removing it from existing ones.
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