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Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans


Absorb is releasing our first app, the Instructor Toolbox. This app is targeted at your course instructors and will allow them to perform a variety of tasks including enrollment, attendance, approvals, task completions and more.

Downloading the App

iPhone® and iPad® App 

Android™ App

Please note that although this guide only illustrates the iPhone and iPad app, the design and functionality is virtually identical for the Android app.

Login Screen & Main Menu

  1. This portal number is a unique identifier assigned by us to each client. To get your portal number please submit a support request.
  2. The username of an instructor within your LMS. Please note that many administrators are not instructors (including system owners) and thus their credentials will not work. The administrator must have the "Intructor" type set under their administrator details.
  3. The password for that particular instructor
  4. Once logged in you will land on the main menu of the app


  1. This page shows all off the classes that contain sessions the instructor is teaching
  2. Pulls up the course registration page, which lists currently enrolled learner as well as allowing you to enroll new ones
  3. Pulls up the list of all sessions within the ILT that the insutructor is teaching
  4. This greyed out area displays some information about the course. Please note that this area is not editable from within the app, but updates from the administrative interface will be reflected here


  1. All learners who are currently enrolled in the course are listed here. Note that some of these learners may not be enrolled in a session yet.
  2. Selecting a learner will allow you to unenroll them from the course, which will naturally unenroll them from the session as well.
  3. This option will allow you to register an existing learner into this course. Please note that you cannot actually create learners via the app.
  4. To find a learner to be added you can use as many of the search fields as you like. The search fields are non case-sensitive but they do require an exact match, i.e. searching for "learn" in the username field will not find the username learner
  5. Once a learner has been found you can select them to register them for the course.


  1. This shortcut will take you to the Schedule view for the day of this session.
  2. This shortcut will take you to the Venue view
  3. This is an view-only area that displays some of the enrollments settings and information for the session
  4. Allows you to access the enrollments for this session. This page offers the exact same functionality as the course registrations page, except at the session level. Please note that enrolling a new learner at the session level will naturally register them for the course as well.
  5. Allows you mark attendance for this session. This functionality is exactly the same as the Attendances option available from the main menu except that the session is already selected.
  6. If an enrollment start or end time has been set that information will appear here.


  1. The Attendances page will show you all sessions that are currently waiting for attendance to be marked. Please note that a session only becomes available once it has finished.
  2. After selecting a session you will see both learners who have been marked and those who are awaiting being marked for attendance.
  3. Learners who's attendance has already been marked cannot be modified from within the app. Their attendance can still be changed from the admin interface though.
  4. Once an unmarked learner has been selected you can then mark them as attended or absent. As noted above, the app will not allow you to change this once the learner has been marked so make sure you have select the correct option. If you do make a mistake, you will need to use the admin interface to correct it.


  1. The first page will show any sessions that you are teaching in which a learner is pending approval.
  2. Any pending learners are listed here. After checking off the appropriate learners you can either accept or decline their request for approval.



  1. Any dates on which you are teaching a session will be highlighted with a small black dot. The current date is also coloured in blue.
  2. After selecting a date on which you are teaching at least one session, you will be presented with a list of the sessions. Selecting one of the sessions will take you to the Session information page.

Task Completion

  1. This list will show all courses that contain tasks, regardless of whether the instructor is associated with that course or any learners within.
  2. Once a course has been selected all tasks contained within that course are listed. Please note that you will only be able to view the task name, not any documents that were uploaded to that task.
  3. Clicking through a task will pull up the list of currently enrolled learners who have not yet completed that task.
  4. After selecting one or more learners you can mark them as complete for that task


Pulling up the Venues page will give you a list of all of your available venues, and clicking through to one will provide details on that venue.

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