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Applies to: Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans

The RESTful API can be used to query and update Absorb data without going through our Admin interface. This allows you to create custom interface and reporting solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. The API will require competent technical web experience on your part to implement but we can supply some code examples to help you get started. We have also provided API documentation which is attached at the bottom of this article. Note that this is an additional service so please contact your sales representative if you are interested in adding it to your LMS.

Important: In order to use the RESTful API you will also need to use our XML Web Service API. Please ensure that you read both attached documents below.

Technical Details:

  1. Our XML Web Service API is used to generate a token which is required for all RESTful requests. The location for Web Service requests is:
  2. The root location for all RESTful requests:
  3. The JavaScript Wrapper source can be found at:
  4. We have also provided a test page at:

To start using the test page you will first need to get a token from the Absorb XML Web Service API for either Client(top level), Administrator or Student access. These tokens can be used with the RESTful API to query and update information, but have different permission levels depending on the actions being performed. Once you get a Token you can then scroll down to access various get and post requests.



For a CLIENT (top level) login token:

1. You will need the value of your SSO Id field from your client details, for example your main email address or username. You will also need to enter your API key, which will have already been supplied to you, into the SSO Key field.

 2. Enter the SSO Id, SSO Key, and then click Hash Values, then Client Login:



For an Admin token (student level if in your department):

1. SSO must be enabled for the portal (If you're unsure whether it's enabled or not please create a new ticket with Support and ask). Enter the Unique Identifier value (Username, Email, etc) for the administrator into the SSO Id field. 

2. Enter your API key in the SSO Key field.

3. Click Hash Values, and then click Admin Login.


For a Student token (user only access):

1. The value of the SSO Field for a student, e.g. username or email, in the SSO Id field.

2. Enter your API key in the SSO Key field.

3. Enter your SSO Sign-on URL, which was given to us when the SSO was set up, into the SSO Location field.

4. Click Hash Values, and then click Student Login.

5. You can also get a token by entering the Student's password into the Password field, then hashing, and then using the Authenticate method.



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