[Absorb4] Marking ILT Attendance


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans

Instructors who are setup to teach a session will receive an Attendance Reminder email 8 hours before the scheduled end of the session. If the session is longer than 8 hours keep in mind that this email will arrive during the session. From the email they have two options:

Mobile Devices

  1. The first link in the email goes to a basic mobile attendance page that looks like this:

  2. From here the instructor can check off those learners who attended and un-check those who did not. They can also use the Walk-In Username field to mark attendance for a learner who was not scheduled to attend that particular session. Simply enter the LMS username of the learner who walked in and select Add. Note that this must be the learner's username, which might not necessarily be their actual name.

  3. Once all learners are accounted for and those who are absent have been unchecked, simply select Submit to send the information to the LMS. The page can only be used once so ensure that everything is correct before submitting.

Printed Attendance Sheet/Grades Report

  1. The other option is to use the second link from the email to print off a simple attendance sheet that can be passed around to the session attendees. Once the session has been completed and the attendance sheet filled out, instructors can use the Grades Report to mark attendance.
  2. Login to the administrative interface and navigate to Reports > Grades Report. Then use the course and session selector to choose the correct session and select search.

  3. From the list of learners, check off those who attended the session and enter a score if appropriate. Once all of the learners have been marked either complete or absent, select the Apply Changes button to save the changes.
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