[Absorb4] Setting Up Adobe Connect Pro Integration


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans

  1. Navigate to Manage Administrators and select the instructor for which you want to setup Connect Pro. Head over to the Details tab, then down to the External Host Details section, and then fill out and save the information. You can use the blue help bubbles if you need additional help with the fields.
  2. Please note: if your portal doesn't already have the Venue "Connect Pro" you'll need to manually add it under Departments > Manage Venues. Next, navigate to the ILT course and session that will be hosted on Connect Pro and head over to the Schedule tab. Here you will need to select Connect Pro as the Venue, and then select the Instructor who you setup in Step 1. You can use the Filter field to show only a few of your rooms or you can simply select the appropriate one from the Name drop down. Once you have selected all the information make sure you save your changes to the session.

  3. When learners enroll in the ILT and session they will get a screen like the one below. Selecting the Connect Pro Session link will automatically take them to the room, although it is important to note that if the room is not open it they will get an error message.

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