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The Absorb Mobile Offline Learning iOS app has been released to allow for offline consumption of your learning content by users that lack a proper internet connection. It is currently compatible with iPads running iOS 9.0 or later and is available for download from the App Store.


The app will allow learners to browse a tailored version of your course catalog (while still connected to the internet) and opt to download their course content. Once downloaded, learners will be able to complete their training offline. The next time the learner is connected to the internet their progress will be synced to your LMS just as any learner taking their training through traditional means.


Signing Into the App

Once downloaded, signing into the app is easy. Learners will just need their username and password and the URL used to normally access their learner interface.

Preparing Courses for the App

By default, none of your courses will be available in the app. When adding/editing a course, you'll find a toggle labelled MOBILE COMPANION DOWNLOAD under the MORE tab which will determine whether or not this course will be visible in the app.



Browsing Courses in the Companion

Once the users have logged in to the app they will see a list of courses that they either can enroll in or are already enrolled in, similar to the existing course catalog in the learner interface.


If there are categories these will show as folders:



Once enrolled, courses can be launched, taking users to to a familiar course page. On this page, learners will see a DOWNLOAD button. This will download the course and its lesson content (see limitations below) for offline consumption. 


Learners can view the status of their unsynced activities by clicking the cloud icon up top. This will tell them that they have made progress in their course(s) that has not yet been pushed to the LMS. The next time their device is connected to the internet their progress, completion statuses, scores, etc. will all be synced up.


Current Limitations

The Absorb Mobile Companion should not be considered a replacement for consumption of learning content in a standard mobile device browser. Keep in mind that Absorb LMS has a fully responsive design and offers the full range of functionality Absorb has to offer. This app should only be used specifically in situations where you think your learners may need to consume their content offline. Given that, there are some limitations:

  • Currently only available for iOS tablet devices
  • Currently only supports the Video, Assessment, Survey, and Tin Can learning object types. At this time downloading of Task, Object, Flash, SCORM, or AICC learning objects is not possible.
  • The app does not guarantee that your Tin Can content can be played on mobile devices. You will still need to ensure that your content (authored by third-party tools/vendors) is in a mobile friendly format (HTML5).
  • Enrollment in ILCs, curricula, or course bundles is not possible
  • Enrollment in eCommerce courses is not possible
  • No access to certificates from the course page
  • No access to any other pages in the learner interface (i.e. Transcript, Global Resources, etc.)
  • Does not support multi-user access. Multiple users can log in, but activity progress and downloaded content for the previous user will be cleared.
  • No support for SSO-based login schemes
  • Client branding does not extend to the Mobile Companion app
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