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Absorb LMS does not natively support Microsoft PowerPoint presentations as a lesson type for courses, however there are a couple of tools that can convert them into a usable format for lessons. As of the writing of this article, two such free tools available are Microsoft Office Mix and iSpring which are available for download from their respective websites. Please note: pricing and availability of both products are at the discretion of Microsoft and iSpring.

iSpring allows you to convert PowerPoint presentations into a variety of formats including SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, TinCan, and MP4 to name a few. While Office Mix doesn't offer as many formats, it does convert presentations to Video. Depending on your needs, you can download and install the software that will work best for your particular needs.  

Once you have downloaded the software of your choosing, you can follow one of the below quick start guides to get a presentation converted into a format supported by Absorb. These guides will be focused mostly on the publishing settings and are not designed to teach the use of the programs themselves. If you need assistance with the programs please go to their respective help pages at and

iSpring Suite

After opening your presentation, navigate to the iSpring Suite tab, and then click on PUBLISH

You will be presented with a number of options at this point through which you'll need to navigate to complete the process of publishing your lesson. To publish your presentation as a SCORM course, you will want to choose the LMS tab from the left side navigation. Under the Learning Course tab, you can choose SCORM 1.2 from the Type drop down menu. 

It is recommended that you check the settings found under each of the other tabs to ensure that they are set up appropriately for your particular needs. Select the ZIP OUTPUT option to automatically create a ZIP file that can be imported into Absorb found under the General tab. Once you're finally comfortable that you're ready to have your file saved, you can click on PUBLISH.

Please note: You can choose whichever lesson format that suits your needs best (ie. SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, TinCan or Video). As mentioned previously, we recommend checking all of your settings to ensure the final published settings are set appropriately. 

Microsoft Office Mix

1. After opening your presentation, navigate to the Mix tab, and then click on EXPORT TO VIDEO.

2. In the Export to Video side pane, choose a video resolution from the Choose video size list:
For high-definition video suitable for viewing on a computer monitor, TV screen, or other HD display, select Full HD (1080p).

  • For high-definition video suitable for HD computer screens, select Computer & HD Displays (720p).
  • For web viewing suitable and standard DVD resolution, select Internet & DVD (480p).
  • For viewing on small portable devices like mobile phones, phablets, and tablets, select Portable Devices (240p).

3. In Seconds spent on each slide, type the number of seconds to wait before the mix advances to the next slide.
4. This setting applies only to slides that contain a video or interactive content.
5. Click Next.
6. In the Save As dialog, choose a filename and location for your video and click Save.

Please note: Office Mix lets you save your presentation as a video that contains the audio, and video but will not work with any interactive content like apps, quizzes, simulations, etc. 


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