Assessment Proctoring


What is Assessment Proctoring?

Proctoring is a setting in Absorb LMS that can be applied to courses to allow admins to have greater oversight during a user's attempt at an Absorb assessment. Once enabled, exam proctoring will require a specified admin to approve an attempt on an exam by entering their credentials before allowing the user to continue, establishing the admin's presence during that attempt.


Setting Up Proctoring

Enabling this is quite a simple process. As you set up your course you will see the toggle labelled Proctor in the Availability tab. Upon setting the toggle to ON, you can assign a proctor as shown below:


  • Course Editor: Any administrators configured as course editors for the course in question
  • Supervisor: The supervisor of the user taking the assessment
  • Administrator: A department administrator overseeing the user taking the assessment
  • Other: Any other administrator in your system



One important thing to note is that proctoring is only available for Absorb-type assessments.


The User Experience

As your user logs in and attempts the assessment, they will receive a prompt indicating that the proctor must enter their credentials. Upon entry of these details, the user should then be able to take their assessment as usual.



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