[Absorb 4] UI 3 Linking Examples


Applies to: Starter, Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans


All of the links below assume that your interface version has been set to UI3. If you are still testing and are using the "Doesn't Matter" interface version, you will need to append /ninja/ after .com


Link Type/Target Example
Login Methods  
AutoLogin1 http://YOURURL.com?username=FAKEUSER&password=FAKEPASS&autologin=true
Enrollment Key1 http://YOURURL.com?keyname=FAKEKEY&keypass=FAKEKEYPASS
Launch Lesson http://YOURURL.com?_cid=391198&_lid=562657
Open Resource2 http://YOURURL.com?_resourceid=42667
Set UI Language3 http://YOURURL.com?_language=XX
Course http://YOURURL.com/#/courses/course/391198
Curricula http://YOURURL.com/#/courses/curriculum/4593
Transcript http://YOURURL.com/#/transcript
Resources http://YOURURL.com/#/resources
Course List http://YOURURL.com/#/courses
Catalog http://YOURURL.com/#/catalog
Course List (Cat.) http://YOURURL.com/#/courses/category/12345
Catalog (Cat.) http://YOURURL.com/#/catalog/category/12345 



  1. Plaintext password in the URL, caution advised.
  2. The resource will open in a popup. This can also only be used for global resources.
  3. Where XX corresponds to the 2 letter language code, e.g. EN for English, FR for French, DE for German, etc. See this article for the full list
  4. All of these links can be created by copying the URL directly from the interface after navigating to that particular page.


There is a potential security risk in using the Login Methods URLs from above, as they contain usernames and passwords in the URL. As an alternative, you can use POST to pass the same information to our system without putting the information into the URL. Here's an example for the AutoLogin method:


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