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What is an ILC?

An Instructor Led Course (ILC) is a scheduled course that can take place in a physical location or virtual meeting room. Unlike Online courses which provide learners with resources to view on their own, ILCs are intended to be used when an instructor or trainer is directing learning to either a group or an individual learner and providing the resources themselves. ILCs in Absorb can be broken down into 3 parts, the Course, the Session, and the Class. 

The course is the encompassing entity that explains what the content is about. In Absorb this is where you keep track of the completion settings, email options, course resources, and more. These options are similar to an Online course, except in place of the Syllabus, which contains lessons and learning objects, the ILC has Sessions.

Sessions cover all the scheduled times the ILC will take place. A course can have multiple sessions that all cover the same course material. You can also set up a recurring session, which will create multiple classes.

Classes are each individual time, date, and venue that dictate when and where the course will take place.

You can think of a Course as a collection of Sessions, and a Session as a collection of Classes.


Creating an ILC (course)

You can create an ILC from your Admin interface under Courses. Start by clicking the Instructor Led button on the right sidebar.




This will bring you to the Add Instructor Led Course window where you can begin to fill in the information for your ILC. 



Options set on the GeneralAvailabilityCompletionMessagingResourcesUploads, and More tabs will apply to the course as a whole. At any point you can click the SAVE button to create the new ILC.


Creating an ILC Session 

While creating an ILC, or editing an existing one, you can create sessions on the Sessions tab by clicking the Add Session button along the top. 

If your sessions require the use of a virtual classroom please see the article on Enhanced Sessions.


This will open the Add Session window.


Here you can set options for your session. The Details, Enrollment and More tabs will apply to this session and all its classes. When creating the session you have a few options to allow for customization to meet your requirements.

The Enrollments tab specifically outlines what users can enroll in the session. Here you can create Self Enrollment rules, Approval and Enrollment start/end dates.  An important consideration when setting the start Enrollment Start and End Dates is whether or not you want to have your Learners to have the ability to enroll after a Session has started.  You can read this article to learn more about this option.

You can also set a Min or Max Class Size. Any self enrollments that exceed the max class size will either be added to the wait list if it's enabled or the session will not show for enrollment. Note that Admins are able to bypass the maximum when manually enrolling users. Minimum enrollment is used only for reporting. Sessions will still run even if the minimum is not met.


Creating ILC Session Classes 

To create classes you will need to navigate to the Schedule tab in the session details when either creating a new session or editing an existing one.


You can set the options for each individual class here. If you want to add more you can either clicking the ADD CLASS button at the bottom to manually create each, or by changing options in the Enable Recurrence option to copy the current class based on recurrence intervals:

  • Daily will create a class on every day at the same time until the end date.
  • Weekdays will create a class on every weekday (Monday to Friday) at the same time until the end date.
  • Weekly will create a class on every week on the same weekday at the same time until the end date.
  • Monthly will create a class once a month on the same numerical date at the same time until the end date.



Scheduling Venues, online vs. live 

Venues are set at the class level, so you can have different venues for each class in a session. If you want to create a new one just click the + button next to the Choose Venue dropdown menu.

This will open up a section in the Add Session window where you can put in the details of the venue such as class size, details, type and URL. While URL may not be relevant for a classroom location if you're hosting an on-line meeting you can place the URL here to give a link to your enrolled users. Online venues can be through Connect Pro, WebEx, GoToMeeting, or another URL you specify.

Certain online venues, such as Zoom, can be further integrated into a session by enabling Enhanced Sessions.

Once everything is set click the SAVE button at the bottom of the venue area.

Note: Clicking the Save button in the Add Session frame will not save the venue.

Enrolled users will see the details of the venue for each class on the course page if they're enrolled in that session. 



Enrollment (course and session)

When enrolling users in an ILC you'll notice that you can select which session to place them in from the drop-down.



Note: You do not have to enroll at the class level. When a learner is enrolled in a session they will be set to attend every class in that session 

By default a learner will receive an email on enrollment into the course. However, you can change that on the Messaging tab on the course level.

Note: Course Enrollment Emails and Session Enrollment Emails are separate options on the Course level.

If you don't select a session the learner will be enrolled in the Course only and they will have access to course resources in Absorb but won't be scheduled to attend any session classes. The prompt says "allows the learner to choose", however if you don't have self-enrollment enabled for the sessions they won't be able to enroll in a session themselves. 


Self-Enrollment (course and session)

If you've set Self-Enrollment on both the course and the session then the learners can handle it all from the interface. Note that you have to set it on each individual session as well as the course if you want the learner to be able to enroll in both. However you can set self-enrollment on either individually depending on your desired workflow. For the Course level this option is available on the Availability tab.



At the Session level this is available on the Enrollment Tab. 


Note: You do not have to enroll at the class level. When a learner is enrolled in a session they will be set to attend every class in that session

To self-enroll, Learners will navigate to the Catalog, find where the course is (if it's contained in a category), and click the Enroll button. This will enroll them in the course, however they still need to enroll in a session.


Learners will be prompted to choose a session immediately after enrolling in the ILC. 


Clicking on Choose a Session will bring them to the course page and will show the list of classes with dates, times, locations, and Instructor. They are now enrolled in both the course and the session.

Note: A user cannot be enrolled in a session without being enrolled in the course.


Course Uploads

Course uploads allow administrators to create and outline required items that a learner must upload in order to complete the course. See Course Uploads for details.

Marking Attendance 

There are a few ways to mark attendance for a class and session. The session attendance reminder email will send to the instructor if the option has been enabled at the course and session levels. On the Messaging tab there is an option to send the mark attendance reminder email. On the Edit Session window there is an option for an Attendance Reminder Email. 

Note: the reminder email will send out a number of hours before the end of a Session, not a particular class. The end of the session is tied to the end of the last class in the session.




Once sent the email will contain a link where they can sign in and mark attendance for the session.

If the email option is off attendance can still be marked through the Admin interface by navigating to Reports > ILC Sessions. There you will see a list of ILC sessions. Select the one you want to mark and click the Mark Attendance button on the right.



There you will have a column for each Class with its date and time, a column for completed or absent and an overall score for the Course. There are also Mass Actions available above that will let you mark all learners statuses for the Course as Not Complete, Complete, or Absent as well as assign a score.



Once you have made all of your changes click the SAVE button on the right and attendance will be marked.

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