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Using Your Own Email Server

The primary reason for using your own email server is to ensure that your emails don't get blocked by spam filters and/or firewalls. Using your own email server also allows you to use your own email address for all of the LMS emails which can provide a more immersive experience for your learners.

If you do wish to have email messages from the LMS come from your organization's email domain (i.e., the message must be relayed and sent through your organization's own SMTP Server.

Things to note

When sending large groups of emails from the custom SMTP service, it is important to know that it currently limits the amount of emails that can be sent both per minute and per day and once the limit is reached, the SMTP will reject further connections from absorb.  Therefore, very large groups of enrollments, user creation, or other email groups may experience dropped/missing emails even when sent from this custom SMTP.

If you have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled on the account, then you may need to either set up an "App Password" for this, or switch to using an SMTP relay if your Custom SMTP server does not support "App Passwords"

Setup in Absorb

To implement custom SMTP settings within you portal, you will need to navigate to your portal settings. On the Info tab, scroll down until you see the Enable Custom SMTP toggle. Once turned on, you will be required to input the following information:

  • Server: SMTP Server Address, e.g.
  • From Email Address: eg.
  • SMTP Security: You can choose between None, or TLS encryption
  • Port: The associated port on the server
  • Username: This is usually the same as the From Email Address, but may be different depending on your settings
  • Password


Please Note:

  • Absorb is not responsible for the configuration and troubleshooting of third-party SMTP services.
  • Absorb does not support sending messages directly as a client's email domain through the LMS.
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