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When a Learner completes a course in the LMS they may earn a Course Credit. A Course Credit can be tracked by an Administrator via the Credits Report. It is also possible to create and manage different types of Credit. This article showcases a method to add a Credit to a course.


Managing Credit Types

Prior to adding a Course Credit to any course, we recommend confirming the Credit Types in the Portal will suit your use-case. The following method showcases how to access the Credit Report and Manage Credit Types:

  1. Access the Admin Interface and click the Report button from the left-hand side menu. This will expand the Reports Menu.
  2. From the Reports Menu click Credits. This will open the Credits Report.
  3. The Credits Report will showcase Learners and the Credits they have earned, based on course. From the right-hand side Actions Menu click Manage Credit Types. The Credit Types report will open.
  4. By default there will only be the one General Credit in the list. From the right-hand side Actions Menu click Add Credit Type. This will open the Add Credit Type page.
  5. Course Credit requires only a Name. Enter your preferred Name if creating a Credit Type.

    • If you Select and EditCredit Type you will only be able to change the Name, the same as above.


Awarding a Credit for Course Completion

Underneath the Completion section of the Add/Edit Course page is the Credits setting.



The following method will detail how to award one General Course Credit and one Variable Course Credit upon completion of the course:

  1. Under the Credits setting, click the Add Credit button. A new Course Credit will appear.
  2. The Course Credit will be named General by default. The Pencil button can be clicked to edit the Course Credit while the Garbage Can may be clicked to delete the Course Credit. Click the Pencil button to expand the Course Credit.
  3. Under Credit Type is a drop-down menu you can click open and select your preferred Credit Type.
  4. Amount Awarded is a field where you can enter a numerical value. The default value is 0. Upon the Learner completing the course this value will be the number of Course Credits awarded to them.
  5. Underneath Variable Credit Rules click the Add Rule button. The Variable Credit Rules setting will expand.
  6. The first field under the Variable Credit Rule is a drop-down menu containing different rules. Click the drop-down to open it and select the qualifier you would like to apply to this Variable Credit Rule. For this example we will use Country.
  7. After filling the first field, the remaining fields will allow you to modify the Variable Credit Rule based on your use-case. For this example we will implement the rule [Equals = Canada]. 
  8. Under Amount Awarded is a field where we can enter a numerical value. The default value is 0. Upon the Learner completing the course this value will be the number of Course Credits awarded to them.
  9. You can click Refine Rule to add the AND operator alongside a new qualifier for this Variable Credit Rule. This is optional, but may suit your use-case. As an example we will include Date Hired:
  10. Under the Distribution Behavior toggle are two selectable configurations:

    Maximum: The Learner will receive all the credits that they meet the rules for. This may include the expected Course Credit and any or all Variable Credits.
    Minimum: The Learner will earn the smallest amount of Course Credits regardless of Variable Credit Rules.
  11. Once you have configured Credits to suit your use-case, don't forget to Publish the course.
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