Adding a Custom Field


Custom Fields allow you to have additional information and flexibility in the information a user's profile contains within Absorb. While Absorb has a set number of standard fields available, this guide will show you how you can create Custom Fields to better serve your organization's needs.

Custom Fields can be found under Portal Settings and are available to System Administrators.



Setting Up a Custom Field

Field Name

The Field Name can be customized as necessary in order to label it so that both admins and users easily understand what information is expected here. 


Type Drop-down Menu

There are six custom field types available from which you can choose your custom field format.

Text: Choosing Text will ensure that any text can be entered into the custom field, provided that it follows your Custom Regex if you have set one.  

A Custom Regex is a formula by which the data entered into the field must follow. (E.g., you can for users to use any letters between A through Z by using [a-z]. Or choose to only use certain letters of the alphabet like A, D or U with [adu].  You can find even more examples of how to build formulae at

In addition, you can also add list items which will allow your users to choose from a list of pre-determined data sets. This is particularly useful for information such as Title (Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc.), or something even more customized like a specific Group as you can see below. 

Custom Field list items as seen in the Learner Interface

Custom Field list items as seen in the Admin Interface


True/False: This only gives users the option of selecting between two options - True or False

Number: This type only allows for numeric entries in the custom field

Decimal: Choosing Decimal will allow for the use of decimal places in this numeric custom field

Date: Only a Date format of YYYY-MM-DD will be allowed with this selection

Date & Time: Only a Date & Time of YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM format will be allowed in this custom field


Visibility Drop-down Menu

The four options from which you can select here determine whether or not the field is visible, and/or editable by your users. 

  • Optional: The custom field will be visible by learners and admins, but not required when creating or updating user information.
  • Required: This will make the custom field visible to both learners and admins, and will be required on the learner side when creating or updating user information.
  • Hidden: Learners will not be able to see this field, however admins will be able to.
  • Read Only: Learners will be able to see the field, but will be unable to change the data within it. Admins will be able to both see, and update the data. 


Private Field Toggle

Enabling this toggle will make the field and the data within it available to only admins with the "view private fields" permission enabled. 

 Once all data has been entered, click Saved to save the new custom field.

Please note that deleting any custom fields will delete all related information from every user in your database. If you want to retain the data, consider exporting the information to a CSV or Excel file prior to deletion. It is also not possible to change the type of a custom field once it has been created.

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