Refined Date Filtering


Applies to: Pro, Plus, & Enterprise Plans

New functionality has been added in Absorb 5 in order to allow further refinement of date ranges in the Learner Activity report, and Course Summary report. This additional refinement applies to the Date Completed, Date Enrolled, and Date Started report information. With this update comes the the ability to refine data within these two reports in order for more control over the information presented in both.

This new Filter icon will be visible on all reports, and while it replaces the previous button which was labelled, "Add Filter", the functionality remains the same with only one exception. While all other filters can still be found here, the Departments filter can now be found with the Refine options.

The new Refine icon lives directly next to the updated Filter icon, and launches a modal window once clicked. In doing so, you will be presented with a number of options from which you can choose to limit your report data with. 

The first set of options that are available to you from the drop-down menu is Date Completed, Date Enrolled, Date Started, and Department. Aside from the Department option which will be covered later here, you will be presented with the same secondary options based on your selection. 

The next set of options available in the second drop-down menu work in relation to your chosen dates. With some of the options, like Today, or This Month, Absorb will automatically set the date for you, while others will allow you to choose custom dates. Once you have selected your options, and click on Refine, the report will update, displaying only the applicable data. As before, you can still choose to save the layout, schedule the report by email, or generate a downloadable report. 

Departments Filter


As mentioned above, the filter for departments can now be found in with the other new Refine options. You can find it within the first drop-down menu, with the secondary options remaining similar to the those that were previously available to you prior to it's new location.

Backwards Compatibility

Please note that any existing scheduled reports and saved layouts will not be impacted by this change. This does include filters previously used for departments which have moved in with Refine options. However, any new reports that use this feature will display the refinements below your chosen filters in both generated, and scheduled reports. 

Release Version 5.37, scheduled for September 25, 2016

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