Absorb 5 Update: 5.38.1


This release is planned for deployment on October 30, 2016. Please note: all features listed here are subject to change between now and then at the discretion of our development team. If this occurs, these notes will be updated accordingly.

New Features:

  • An Enrollment Method field has been added to the User and Course Enrollments Reports which will detail how a user was enrolled in a course. The enrollment values are:
    • Admin
    • Automatic
    • Self
    • System
    • Mandatory
    • Re-Enrollment
    • API Re-Enrollment
  • A new Absorb Academy button has been added on the admin side under the Help & Support tab. This button will take admins to Absorb Acadamy; a comprehensive suite of courses that will be available to AbsorbLMS admins that will give admins a reliable resource on how to optimize their use of the system.
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