Updated Enrollment End Date Functionality


In our upcoming release, the functionality of the enrollment End Date will play a larger role than it previously did. As you may already know, when you select an enrollment End Date for an ILC session, learners who enroll in the session cannot switch to another session once the End Date for that session has lapsed.

The End Date, unless none is selected, will terminate at the start time of the session. Prior to the update, the End Date was previously set to the end time of the session. This change is to alleviate any learners who were cancelling or switching mid-session.

This update will also improve the learner experience when cancelling out of a session. Once the user does so, instead of being taken to a blank page with the message, "You have been unenrolled from the session. Would you like to enroll in a new session?", they will instead be sent to the Session selection page.

The Session selection page will also still show the same success message if there are no available Sessions available. Underneath, an additional message will let the learner know that, "There are no more sessions available at this time."

Release Version 5.39.1, scheduled for November 20, 2016.

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