Replacing SCORM, AICC, Or TinCan Courses


Replacing Third-Party Courses

In Absorb, we have created a simple process in the Admin UI to allow previous iterations of a third-party lesson to be updated by an updated version. You can find this option within the Course Editor, under the Syllabus tab. You'll follow a similar workflow to having added the lesson to your course in the first place by selecting Add Learning Object.

Starting in the Admin Interface; you’ll want to open the Courses page from the left-hand side menu. On this page a list of items will populate in a report. You’ll want to search for and select the intended course and select Edit from the right-hand side toolbar.

This will land you on the Edit Course page. Here you’ll want to navigate to the Syllabus tab. Within the Syllabus tab there will be options to configure Pace Progress as well as the Outline. To replace an existing third-party course, you’ll want to select Add Learning Object.

 Once you have selected Add Learning Object the below modal window will come up, where you will choose the format of third-party course that you will be uploading to replace your existing lesson. In this case, we're going to look at replacing an AICC course with another AICC course, but you could do this with SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, or TinCan.

After clicking Next, you will then be given the option of whether this lesson should be uploaded to a private or public folder. Below, you will see the option of New Learning Object vs. Replace an existing lesson. Choosing the latter will allow you to select from a drop-down menu the appropriate lesson to replace. Once you have done so, you can choose the course package you want to upload, and then click Complete.


After the progress bar has finished and you have selected continue; your lesson will be uploaded and the page will refresh, having replaced the previous version of the lesson. Be sure you save all your changes by clicking Save in the right-hand navigation menu.  

Important: Replacing a lesson will affect any new enrollments, however users that have already completed the course will not have to take the lesson again. Any users that have an In Progress status will have to start the lesson from the beginning again, as their progress will be lost due to the new content replacing the old. 

Course History

Please note that when uploading or replacing third-party learning content in Absorb, the Course History is not updated to reflect the changes. 

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