Replacing SCORM, AICC, Or TinCan Courses


In Absorb, Admins can easily replace SCORM, AICC or TinCan lessons with updated versions of the same lessons.   You can use this tool to update internally created content or content created by third-party vendors.

Note: Replacing a lesson will affect all enrollments as follows:
  • New/Not Started enrollments will be required to take the most up to date version of the content upon launching
  • Complete enrollments will not be required to retake content but should see the updated content upon launching.
  • In Progress, enrollments may require a reset of the learning object/content being taken as the previous suspend/resume data may not be compatible with the new content. Absorb cannot grantee interactions between old suspend data and new content.
    • This can lead to bookmarking incompatibility which may also impact users with complete status and may require a manual reset of the learning objects which can be done at the transcript/edit enrollment page (See example image below).


Follow these steps to replace a SCORM, AICC, or TinCan course:

  1. Sign in to your Admin Portal. Select Courses from the Course options to see a list of courses.


2. Locate and select the course you want to edit and then choose Edit from the list of Actions on the right side of the screen.  

3. On the Syllabus tab, locate the title of lesson you want to update and below the lesson title, select Add Learning Object. A new window will display.

4. In the new window, select the learning object type that you will use to replace your current lesson.  (In this example, we are replacing an AICC course with another AICC course, but you could do this with SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, or TinCan.) . Then click Next.


5.  After clicking Next, you can choose whether this lesson should be uploaded to a private or public folder. By choosing a private folder, only Users with credentials to your portal are permitted access to the content.  If you choose the public folder - then the file is available to anyone who has the address even if they are not signed in to Absorb

6. Then, in Update Options, choose to Replace an existing lesson.  From here, you may select the syllabus item you wish to replace from a drop-down list.  Then choose the course package you want to upload, and click Continue.


7.  Once the progress completes, select Continue again and your lesson will be uploaded. The page will refresh and include the updated (replacement) lesson. Be sure you save all your changes by clicking Save in the right-hand navigation menu.  

 Course History

It is important to note that when uploading (replacing) third-party content, the changes will not be reflected in the Course History.

You can view information on the replacements from content not created by a third-party vendor (or any other historical changes to the course) in the Course History.  To view the Course History, return to the course Edit page.  The option to view the Course History is available on the right side of the screen on the course Edit page.


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