ILC Sessions: Understanding Marking Attendance and Score


When managing Attendance and Score for Instructor Led Course (ILC) sessions, there are a number different factors that will change how the learner's transcript is updated. In this article, we're going to dive into how marking attendance and score affect the User Transcript.To access the attendance page, select Mark Attendance from the right-hand menu in the ILC Activity Report.

Marking Attendance 

To appropriately mark a session as Completed, you must check off the class date. If no class is selected but you check completed only, the Learner will appear as absent for all classes but still marked as Completed in the ILC. 


Once you have checked the box, Absorb will automatically fill in a score of 100%. If the Absent box is marked, Absorb will instead set the score to 0%. The score, in any event, can be updated to whatever meets your preferences. You can also add in manually the number of credits that the learner has received for this class if applicable.

It is important to remember that any score that is entered here will affect each learner's Average Score within the Learner Progress report.

Please note that regardless of whether the user is marked as Complete or Absent, the learner will be marked as 100% Complete and this will appear in the Learner UI.



This is expected functionality in Absorb as the learner, once having had their attendance marked, is considered complete as they can only be enrolled in one session (or one recurring session).  Absorb considers the learner progress as complete once their attendance has been taken, even if they are marked absent, and updates the progress as such.  

If you do not wish for the user to be yet marked as having 100% Progress, do not check off either Completed or Absent in the Mark Attendance page. This will allow the user to remain as Not Completed in their User Transcript, and appear as In Progress in the Learner interface.

If you have already marked a Learner as Completed or Absent, you can update this in their User Transcript by checking the Not Completed box, and then clicking Save.

It's important to note that this only works for Learners enrolled in an ILC with recurring sessions. If a Learner is marked as Completed or Absent for a single session ILC, they will continue to have a Progress of 100% unless you edit this score for their individual attendance.    

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    Susan Carter

    1. Please consider providing the option to Mark Attendance AND Complete Course or Mark Attendance AND DON"T Complete Course.  As Admin Manager,, I need to know who is in class before the course completes.  By adding the option, it allows the instructor to provide updates easily to me at the beginning of the class without completing the class.  Because we use scores for some classes, completing the course before taking the assessment and receiving scores effects the learner transcript, creates more administrative work to go back and correct.

    2. If the above option cannot be provided, please consider providing an option to "schedule" when the Mark Attendance e-mail is issued to the Instructor, preferrably on the last day of the class. 

    3.  If neither of these options are available, please consider adding the information to the instructor that marking the attendance will complete the class.  The default Mark Attendance letter doesn't mention it and neither does the pop-up window the instructor see when using the  "admin interface" link.

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