Introduction to the Absorb Help Center

As an Admin, the Help Center provides access to the main sources of information for the Absorb LMS. This allows you to find answers to your queries swiftly and effectively. In addition, you can utilize our Absorb Academy from within your Portal to access Online Courses to bolster your LMS knowledge.


Knowledge Base

The Help Center, or Knowledge Base, houses articles and documentation intended to assist you in using the LMS.

Top Tip

Bookmark the Homepage to quickly access any information you may require for your query.


To access the Help Center from the Admin Experience, please advise the following steps:

  1. Log into the Admin Experience using your Administrator credentials.
  2. In the Admin Interface, click on the Messages icon in the top right of the page.
  3. Select View Support Site.

Support Site.jpg


In order to access all the content in the Knowledge Base, you must be signed into your Zendesk account with the email associated to your organization.


Absorb Academy

Absorb Academy is the best place to upskill on existing features, learn more about new ones and enhance your overall knowledge of our LMS. Since it utilizes our own LMS, the platform will already be familiar to you. The Academy is updated with new Courses every month, where these new Courses will be highlighted with a red New! tag on them.

To access Absorb Academy from the Admin Experience, please advise the following:

  1. Log into the Admin Experience using your Administrator credentials.
  2. In the Admin Interface, click on the Messages icon in the top right of the page.
  3. Select Absorb Academy.

Absorb Academy.jpg


This will bring you straight to Absorb Academy. Let’s go through what each of these containers comprise of:

AbAc Walkthrough.jpg

  1. My Courses: Courses or Curricula you have enrolled in, past and present.
  2. Catalog: A view of all the Courses our Academy has to offer.
  3. LMS Core Training: Learn how to be the best Administrator you can be with our LMS Admin Training.
  4. Release Training: Houses all of our Major Release Demos to date.
  5. Absorb LMS Tutorials: Quick-guides and configuration training on various LMS features.


Featured Courses are typically those most relevant to any changes or new features that have been implemented, and can be found under the containers above, as shown below:

Featured Course.jpg


Please note that due to the sign-on of Absorb Academy, you must be logged into your Portal in order to access the Academy. While this functionality may change in the future, as of right now this is how clients must enter the Academy.


Contacting Absorb Support

Our Client Advocacy or Support team liaise with our clients in relation to any cases of unexpected functionality. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Potential bugs
  • Unwarranted errors in configuration
  • Sudden performance delays.

Should your query be in relation to training or configuration needs, our Client Success Managers or Digital Client Success Managers would be best equipped to assist you.

To contact Support from the Admin Experience, please advise the following:

  1. In the Admin Interface, click on the Messages icon in the top right of the page.
  2. Select Contact Us.


Contact Support.jpg


This will open a dialogue box (shown below) that will allow you to submit a ticket to our Client Advocacy team for investigation. Please ensure you include all information for your issue with examples, screenshots and screen recordings where necessary.

Support Dialogue Box.jpg


Our Client Advocacy team cannot assist you if you do not have the necessary Admin permissions for the area you are experiencing an issue in.


Alternatively, you can visit this page for further information on our Support lines, or submit a request via this form within our Knowledge Base.

Once you are signed into the Help Center, you will be able to track all your requests in the My Activities page. Here, you can see the Ticket ID, Subject, Created, Last Activity and Status.


My Activities page.jpg


Office Hours

Hosted by our Digital Client Success Management Team, Office Hours brings together fellow Absorbers and allows them to learn about new features, and best practices and ask questions.


This service is limited to our Premium clients who do not have a Client Success Manager. We have a limit of 5 attendees per session, so it is imperative that you sign up for a session as soon as possible.

Follow the steps below to join one of our upcoming sessions:

  1. Contact your assigned Absorb representative to advise of your interest to receive your Enrollment Key.
  2. Log-in to Absorb Academy. Remember, you must be signed in to your Portal in order to access the Academy.
  3. In the Academy, open the Private Menu in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Select Enrollment Key.
  5. Enter the Enrollment Key when prompted.
  6. After using the Enrollment Key, proceed to the Office Hours Curriculum and choose a Session to attend.
  7. After enrolling in a Session, you will automatically be sent an email with a Calendar Invitation. We kindly ask that you complete the Office Hours Questionnaire in advance of the Session.



We currently have a section in our Help Center called News. This details the various client communications around Feature Changes, Major Releases and Change Logs. Let’s go through what each of these entail below:



  1. Announcements: Designed to inform anyone following this section of minor or major service updates, or to any potential disruption to service or performance delays.
  2. Release Notes: Houses Release Notes for past and upcoming Major Releases. Please be advised that these notes do not detail bug fixes but rather discuss any new or changing features within the LMS or our paid add-on services.
  3. Change Logs: These logs update clients proactively on changes to any Integrations or add-on services that they currently utilize. As we continue to enhance our Knowledge Base, we hope to grow these logs to encompass more services and Integrations.
  4. Service Notifications: Monthly patching and infrastructure deployments are listed here.
  5. Content Library Updates: If you utilize Absorb Amplify or BizLibrary, our teams are constantly working to update their content and increase the variety of resources for clients. These updates can be found here.

To be alerted of updates related to any of these sections, please click the Follow button on any of the sections or pages you want to receive notifications for.
Follow button.jpg


This button can be found on the top right of each section and article page.



Please note that an article update will not send a notification email on its own. A section like Announcements being updated with a new article will send a notification email, but that same Announcement being updated with new information will not. A comment on an article will send a notification however, and these comments will be enabled on our Change Logs in order to keep clients informed.

We are consistently striving to better the client experience with our self-help tools and resources. Should you have any feedback on articles that you believe could be updated/enhanced or improvements to Absorb Academy, please do not hesitate to fill out this form here for our Customer Enablement team to review.

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