Media Library Permission

Media Library Permissions allow for an Administrator to choose who should be allowed to view/manage files in the File Manager.

New File Manager Only

This feature is designed specifically for the New File Manager only. If you enable this feature you will not be able to open the Old File Manager.


Enabling Media Library Permissions

Media Library Permissions is not active by default. To turn this feature on, a System Administrator must navigate to the Client Settings page. From the Client Settings page, click Manage on the New File Manager tile. The New File Manager modal frame will open.


Here there are two toggles related to Media Library Permissions.


The two Media Library toggles are:

  • Enable Media Library Permission: This toggle, when turned ON, activates this feature so that Admins can include required access permissions alongside an uploaded file.
  • Enforce Media Library Permission: This toggle, when turned ON, forces an Admin to choose at least one permission for an uploaded file.
    • After turning this option on it automatically hides the All Admins option from the file upload form.


Setup Menu File Manager

When Enable Media Library Permission is turned on the File Manager becomes available from the Setup menu. If you turn on Enable Media Library Permissions and don't see the File Manager option under the Setup menu, you may need to log out, refresh your browser then log back in.



The File Manager has been designed to present different options depending on context. When the File Manager is opened from the Setup menu, the Upload, Replace File and Rename options will be hidden.


Uploading Files

When an Administrator is uploading a file the File Access Permissions section will be included. Here, the Admin will be able to choose permissions for the file based on these rules:

  • All: Every Admin in the Portal will be able to interact with the file.
    • This will be disabled if the Enforce Media Library Permission toggle is ON.
  • Department: Admins that are managing one or multiple selected Departments will be able to see the file.
  • Group: Admins that are managing a selected one or multiple Groups will be able to see the file.



Setting and Managing File Permissions

Once a file is uploaded, you can click the kebab menu and select Manage Permissions to add permissions for a file.



The Manage Permissions modal frame will open, allowing you to set permissions for the file. The permissions selected here are the same options available when uploading a file.

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