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Note – A SalesForce package can only be uninstalled by the user who originally installed it

1. First turn off the data feed in the Absorb Setup app if enabled. This can be done by selecting the sync indicator in the top right-hand corner of the setup app in Salesforce and setting it to Inactive.

2. Uninstalling the app will require removing the permission sets (standard and custom) from all users, because these include custom permissions that need to be removed

      a) This can be done by selecting the User and choosing User Details if in Lightning

      b) Select Permission Set Assignments

     c) Delete any of the standard or custom Absorb Permission Sets

3. ​Edit the layouts to remove the standard buttons and edit lightning layouts to remove the lightning objects​

       a) Editing standard buttons can be done from Setup > Object Manager > [Object Name]          > Page Layouts > [Layout Name]

       b) Remove any Custom Buttons for Absorb

       c) Save or Quick Save the layout to complete the process

       d) To edit a lightning layout, browse to the object page (e.g. view any account record) and             choose Edit Page

         e) Remove any Absorb tabs and buttons (technically it’s only required to remove the objects listed under Custom – Managed that are Absorb specific). Exactly which tabs and buttons are set up will depend on what was done during the initial setup

  • To remove a button or custom object, hover over it in the layout and click the X in the top right corner of the box

  • To remove a tab completely, select any tab in the layout and click the X in the right menu next to the appropriate tab

          f) Save your changes to the layout using the Save button in the top right. It is not necessary to activate the layout

4. Will remove all custom permissions from existing permission sets. If the app needs to be reinstalled, it is best to delete the custom permission sets for Absorb completely before uninstalling so that permissions sets are not left incomplete.

          a) Go to F

          b) Choose the Del option next to the custom permission sets (standard permission sets will not have this option)

5. Once these steps are complete, it should be possible to uninstall the package without errors

          a) Go to Setup > Apps > Installed Packages

          b) Select the Uninstall option next to the Absorb package name

         c) Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the Yes, I want to uninstall this package and permanently delete all associated components message

         d) If an error such as the below appears, ensure that you have edited the mentioned layouts, users or permission sets as applicable, then retry the process



1. After the uninstall, it should be possible to start the setup process again as documented.

2. NOTE – Ensure that the API permission set has the correct permissions added back when it is recreated. Specifically, it is a good idea to check the Assigned Connected Apps setting, and make sure that the Absorb SSO app is enabled.

         a) Go to Setup > Users > Permission Sets > Absorb LMS API Complete > Assigned Connected Apps

         b) If nothing is displayed, click Edit

         c) Add the Absorb SSO app

         d) Click Save

3. NOTE – if the app is to be pointed to a different Absorb portal after reinstall, please contact Absorb support or your CSM to ensure that the Salesforce App connection with your previous portal is disabled before proceeding, or the app may continue to try and sync data.



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