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Will the app work with both Salesforce Classic and Lightning?

Yes, the only difference is that in Salesforce Classic there is no ability to customize the object page layouts or the Absorb Home page


Why do I get an 'Insufficient Privileges' message when trying to authorize the connection to Absorb?

This typically happens because the permission sets are not assigned to the Connected App within Salesforce, so Salesforce does not have permission to contact Absorb.


How do I know when my data has been synced?

Users that have been synced from Salesforce will have a 'Synced from Salesforce' field in Absorb that is set to 'Yes' once synced. If the sync fails, a message will be logged and sent to the designated admins via email


Why do I need to set up the federation id field for users?

The federation id is used for Single Sign-On (SSO) into your Absorb portal, but not for syncing the users. The best practice is to ensure the Salesforce federation id matches the Absorb username. This keeps the data mapping between Absorb and Salesforce straightforward. You can set the Salesforce username to be the field used for both SSO and sync if required 


Why does the federation id need to be set for the API user if I won't be logging in with the API? 

This is because the API user still needs the ability to access Absorb LMS behind the scenes so that the integration can run


If I try to make a change to a course/curriculum/session in Salesforce, will that change be overwritten by Absorb?



If I make a change to a user in Absorb but not in Salesforce, will the sync overwrite my changes?

In theory yes, however users that are synced from Salesforce are locked and not editable in Absorb to prevent this happening


How often does the sync run?

Approximately every 30 minutes at the top and bottom of the hour 


Can the sync be force triggered by making changes?

No, because the sync runs at a fixed frequency that cannot be altered 


Can I set the app up with my Salesforce Sandbox?

Yes, absolutely. It may make sense to do this only with some test users so that Salesforce doesn't overwrite user and enrollment information in your production portal. It's also important to remember to turn off the sync on both the Salesforce and Absorb sides before doing anything in another Salesforce instance. Finally, please note that users synced with a previous Salesforce instance cannot be synced again by a new Salesforce instance. For this reason we do not recommend syncing actual production users with the same unique identifier that will be used in the production integration


Can I set this up in an Absorb sandbox or demo and then another Absorb portal?

Yes, however it's important to work with Absorb Support or your CSM while doing this to ensure the sync is fully disabled before you begin production setup  


Can I have two Salesforce instances linked to a single Absorb instance?

Yes, although we recommend carefully reviewing the sync settings and Salesforce data to ensure there are no conflicts before enabling the sync


How are upgrades handled? 

Absorb will deploy any app updates to your installed application. To be notified of application releases please refer to the release notes here . Please note that features listed in the release notes are subject to change prior to deployment. Application updates become available to end users immediately upon deployment. If any feature requires configuration, this information will be included in the release notes


Can I test the app using the API user? 

Yes, however this user must be set to sync with Absorb so that the app can confirm they are an admin on the Absorb side. Best practice is to create a separate user for testing 


Can I enroll any other user in Salesforce into an Absorb course?

No, this only works with users if you are listed as their manager in Salesforce 


Can I use any field as the unique identifier when setting up the initial sync?

No, there is a pre-definied list of fields to choose from

Note - We don't recommend using the Salesforce User ID if connecting a sandbox to your Absorb live portal and then your Salesforce production instance to the same Absorb portal, because the Salesforce IDs will be different, which will create duplicate users in Absorb


Which profile should my Salesforce users have?

It's not a problem for the API user to have the System Administrator profile in Salesforce, however best practice is to create a separate user who has the typical profile for your organization in order to test the application. This will help verify the permissions required for the Absorb permission sets  


Which permission set should my Salesforce users have?

The Absorb application includes instructions to create several permission sets that you can assign to users based on their role 

Absorb LMS API – should be assigned to the API user only 

Absorb LMS Administration – should be assigned to any admin who needs to manage the settings of the Absorb Salesforce App, for example changing field mappings 

Absorb LMS Sales Ops – should be assigned to any admin who requires less access, for example the ability to create featured courses 

Absorb LMS Standard User – should be assigned to any user who needs to create enrollments for themselves or Salesforce contacts 

Absorb LMS Enroll Salesforce Users – should be assigned (in addition to the Absorb LMS Standard User permission set) to any user who needs to create enrollments for their direct reports 


Is the featured course in Salesforce different than in Absorb?

Yes, they are separate 


My Salesforce instance includes objects called Courses etc. Already, will that prevent the app from working?

No, because Salesforce apps use the API name of objects, which has to be unique 


Are all browsers supported?

No, Salesforce does not support all browsers. Please review the Salesforce documentation here  


Why does the course count in Absorb not match the number of course records in Salesforce?

The Courses report in Absorb includes Curricula, Courses and Course Bundles in one list. Within Salesforce, Courses and Curricula are two separate objects. Course Bundles are not synced from Absorb to Salesforce. Finally, inactive courses and curricula are not synced to Salesforce. 

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