Third-Party Course Authoring Guide (Updated!)


Welcome to the updated Absorb LMS Third-Party Course Authoring Guide!

This document provides general information about Absorb LMS and how it interprets data from third-party content, such as e-learning modules, and lists recommended publish settings.

This guide does not provide instruction on how to use individual course authoring programs, nor does it dive into all the variations presented when publishing content (i.e., JavaScript commands, slide variables, etc.).

We highly recommend that you test your third-party content before making it available to learners to ensure the project launches, behaves, and reports as intended.

You can test e-learning content for free by creating an account at SCORM Cloud.

If you require assistance with the building, testing, or maintenance of your training content, please contact the respective course authoring support team.

Articulate Product Support

Adobe Captivate Learn & Support

TechSmith Camtasia Product Support

Important Note: The configurations required for SCORM Dispatch Package Files to fully operate do not meet our security standards.  Absorb LMS does not support the usage of dispatch files for third-party e-learning content.  

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