Activating Reports- Buisness Intelligence Module


Once the Business Intelligence Module has been Activated for your portal you will then need to Activate the reports before you can see the BI Icon and give access to Admins in your portal.

To manage, customize, and activate BI via your “Manage Business Intelligence” settings, click on “Portal Settings” from the ACCOUNT option in the top right corner of your screen, you will then see an option on the right menu that says “Manage Business Intelligence”.

Clicking this will bring you the Active/Inactive Reports in your BI Module. Here you will see a list of all the sample reports in your portal:

You can simply activate a report by clicking on the “plus” icon, which will move that report into an Active state:

Clicking on the “garbage bin” icon will not delete a report, rather, it will move that report down to the “Inactive Reports” section. This report will remain in your portal, but it will not be accessible from the BI menu any longer. Once you ACTIVATE at least one report, you will see the BI icon appear on the left side menu.

Here, you can see all the ACTIVE sample reports that you will have access to. When you have active custom BI reports, they will appear here as well.

Note: All System Administrators will have access to view the BI Module by default, but you will be able to edit who is able to access the BI Module further through the ROLES function.

When editing a role, there will be a new option at the bottom that gives “View” access to Business Intelligence. This will allow Users to access any of the ACTIVE BI Reports, and the data populated in the reports will be based off that Admin’s User Management access. For example, if you would like to give a Department Admin access to BI, the reports they view will only populate with Users in their department. They will not see ALL User information in your portal.


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