Controlling Content Avalibility


Absorb offers various ways inside your portal in which System Admins can control what users and Administrators see. The following is a list of settings a System Admin can leverage when controlling content.

Private Files: Importing files as Private Files forces a user to be logged in to see the content. A user must also be enrolled in the course that contains the file to have access to view it.

Availability Rules: Availability Rules is a set of pre-determined rules that prevents user access to courses, resources, FAQ's, and Billboards, unless the specified rules are met. 

Department Branding: Having department specific branding or Themes/Templates ensures that a user only sees logos. designs and colors that are assigned to the department the belong to.

Course Visibility: The Course Visibility setting determines which Admins can see a certain course from the admin interface.

Roles: A Role is a determined set of permissions that is applied to your Admin accounts and determines what an Admin has the ability to view or edit in the Admin Interface in regards Learners, Mercury Module, Courses, Global Resources, Reporting, and Setup Options.

User Management: User Management is a setting in an Admin user account, that determines which group or department of users an Admin has the ability to view/edit. 

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