E-Commerce - Test Credit Card Numbers

When setting up and configuring the E-Commerce functionality within Absorb, it may sometimes be necessary to do a test transaction. The following is a list of test credit card numbers you may use for this purpose.

Please Note: All of the below numbers should work for every gateway. These numbers should pass validation on a test gateway, however they cannot be used for testing a live gateway as they will not pass validation. 


Card Type Numbers
American Express 378282246310005, 371449635398431
American Express Corporate 378734493671000
Diners Club 30569309025904
Discover 6011111111111117, 6011000990139424
JCB 3530111333300000, 3566002020360505

2221000000000009, 2223000048400011, 2223016768739313, 5555555555554444,

5105105105105100, 5151515151515151


4111111111111111, 4012888888881881, 4222222222222

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