Absorb 5: Release Notes 5.63


This release is planned for deployment on September 9, 2018.
Please note: all features listed here are subject to change prior to deployment. Releases are deployed at 10:00 AM Mountain Time. Users may experience errors or be logged out of their session when using the LMS at that time.


 New Functionality
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Global Resources Sub- Report- Global Resources Tracking (New Learner Experience)

Absorb is adding a sub report to the Global Resources report called Global Resource Tracking to allow admins to see each individual instance of a learner accessing or opening a Global Resource. This report gives the ability to see which learner and what date the resource was accessed. 


Delete User Permission

Absorb is adding a new administrator permission of "Delete" to allow the system admin to designate whether or not an admin can delete a user and to keep this functionality separate from the "Modify" permission to add/edit users.



Enhanced Session Recurrence

The "Add to Calendar" button that appears on a learners ILC page now contains one single ICS file rather than a zipped folder of multiple files. This singular ICS when downloaded will include session/class recurrence if a client is utilizing our new simplified recurrence model.

Our ILC email notifications have also been updated to include a new meeting invite functionality that replaces the previous ICS file functionality. They will work across all platforms, and not only handle recurrence better, but are also "live" and will be automatically updated by any follow up emails such as session cancellations or changes.


Instructor Notification Email- Instructor Session Reminder Email

Admins will now have the ability to toggled on an Instructor Notification email when creating an ILC course. The Instructor Notification email will provide the course instructors information and updates about the sessions that they are assigned to. The email will let an instructor know if they have been added or removed as the instructor of a session or if any updates to the session have been made. A Instructor Toggle will be added to the Session Reminder Email, to notify instructors of upcoming sessions they are instructing.

Please Note: The Instructor Notification feature will be enabled at the Global Message Template Level. It will be disabled at the ILC level for existing courses and enabled at the course level for all new ILC going forward. The Instructor Toggle for the Session Reminder Email will be enabled at the Global Message Template Level.

For More Information see our Instructor Led Course (ILC) – Instructor Notifications/Messages article.


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Catalog- Improved Load Time (New Learner Experience)

The Catalog page will now load correctly and in a reasonable time frame even when a large number of courses and categories are active.


Catalog and Courses Page- Vendor Filtering Option (New Learner Experience)

A new filter option will be added to allow users to search by vendor in both the Courses and Catalog page. 


Catalog and Course Page- Calendar Display (New Learner Experience)

When a learner clicks on any given day within the calendar the page will automatically move down to the session section where the calendar day is selected in order to improve visibility for the learner. 


Global Resources Report- Date Filter (New Learner Experience)

Absorb is adding a "Date Refinement" filter to the Global Resources Report. This filter will allow admins to filter by, date edited, date access, before, after etc. A new column option of " # of Time Accessed" will also be added. 



External Training Improvements (New Learner Experience):

  • Allow admins to delete one or multiple external training submissions so that they may clean up learner submissions that are no longer relevant
  • External Training submissions will now trigger an email notification to notify the admin (approver) that a submission is pending approval.
  • Expiry date will now be an additional available field that can be added to an external training template.


Dashboard Billboards (New Learner Experience)

Learners will now be able to click on and navigate to the URL associated with a Billboard on their dashboard even when the Billboard is not centered within the page. 



Zoom Improvements:

  • Meeting URL’s added to Session reminder, update and enrollment emails so that learners can more conveniently join their session.
  • Meeting URL’s will now open in a new tab so that the original course page stays open.
  • Upon configuration of Zoom, Absorb has added an “Access Unauthorized” displayed in the Portal Settings when ZOOM is not authorized or when there is no token in the database.


User Drop Down Lists

The username/email of a user will now be display in addition to their first and last name anywhere that a user selection drop down list appears in the Admin interface.

 These release notes apply to the Absorb 5 Update: 5.63 Announcement published on 09/04/2018.

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