Enhanced Sessions- Instructor Led Courses (ILC)


Absorb's Enhanced Sessions for ILC's offer Admins a streamlined way to edit and create recurring ILC classes. In order to access this feature, you will first need to enable the “Enabled Enhanced Sessions For Instructor Led Courses” toggle found under the Info tab in Portal Settings.

Please note: If you do not see this toggle in your Portal Settings, then it has already been enabled by default.

You are now ready to use Enhanced Sessions. To start using this feature you must first create an Instructor Led Course and click "Add Session". After adding a Title for your session you will go over to the Schedule tab when you can build out your recurrence classes. In the Schedule tab select your Instructor, Venue and the Class Start/End Date and Time. You will then enable the Recurrence toggle.


After enabling Recurrence classes you will be able to select the interval at which classes Repeat and the Date they should recur until or the Number of Occurrences.


Please note: The date or number selected in the Recur Until will determine the number of classes based on the recurrence Interval up to a maximum of 99 classes.

Once you have added Classes, you may proceed with configuring the rest of your session settings under the Enrollment and More Tabs and then Save your Session.


Please note: You will still have the ability to select a single instance of a class, that only occurs once.

Upon saving the course and enrolling users, a Session Enrollment email that looks like a meeting invite will automatically show in the learners Outlook or Google calendar once accepted. This Session Enrollment email will only trigger if enabled under the Messaging Tab.


If any updates are made to a session the Session Update email will trigger. This email will also be formatted like a meeting update and update the learners' calendar accordingly.

Notes when upgrading to Enhanced Session Recurrence

  • Existing sessions/classes data using the old recurrence model are not updated to match the new recurrence model.  You can still view old classes from the ILC Sessions tab or via attendance reporting.
  • If you try to edit an existing session, it will delete the old classes and you will have to recreate the classes using the new recurrence model.
  • You can still view old classes from the ILC Sessions tab or attendance reporting.
  • Learner enrollment emails for old-style sessions with multiple classes will include a meeting invite for only the first class.  That is, even though the meeting invite will list all of the classes in the session, only the first class will be seamlessly added to the learner’s calendar.

Zoom Integration

Enhanced Sessions can also be used in conjunction with Absorb's integration with Zoom Meetings. Zoom Instructors will see their Recurrence classes in both their Absorb and Zoom accounts. For more information see our Zoom Integration- Configuration And Set-Up article.


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