Creating Course Uploads

Course Uploads is one of the sections available when creating an Online Course or Instructor Led Course. This section allows you to configure an upload that is required from the Learner to complete the course. A Course Upload is weighted the same as a single lesson, and counts towards course completion. An Administrator can provide instructions for the Course Upload, determine if the upload requires approval and manage uploads from the Course Uploads Report.

To locate the Course Uploads section, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Administrator Interface and click the Courses button. This will expand the Courses Menu.
  2. From the Courses Menu click Courses. This will open the Courses Report.
  3. Add or Edit an Online Course or Instructor Led Course.
  4. From the Add/Edit a Online/Instructor Led Course page click the Course Uploads button. This will add the Course Uploads section.
    • Click the button again to navigate automatically to the section.
  5. The Course Uploads section will appear on the page.


Adding a Course Upload

Under the Course Uploads section there is the Add Upload button.

If you click the Add Upload button a Course Upload will be added. The default name will be Course Upload 1.

Course Upload includes the following settings:


Upload Instructions

The Upload Instructions setting includes the Edit Upload Instructions button.

If you click the button the Edit Upload Instructions modal frame will open.

The Upload Instructions field is a rich text field where you can enter the instructions a Learner must follow to upload the correct file. An example may be:

  • Upload your lab results from the class on the 17th of February.
  • Please upload your completed midterm project here in the .PDF format.
  • Following the upload of your text file, your teacher will review the content and reach out within 72 hours with any corrections.

Select Apply when you are finished editing the Upload Instructions or select Cancel to close the Edit Upload Instructions modal frame without saving.



The Label setting is a text field that can be considered a Name or Title for the Course Upload.

The text entered in the Label field will be visible to both Administrators and Learners. The Label will also appear where the default Course Upload 1 previously appeared.



Approval is a setting with five selectable configurations.


This Course Upload does not require approval and will be completed as soon as a file is uploaded.

Course Editor

A Course Editor must approve the Course Upload.


A User's Supervisor must approve the Course Upload.


A User's Department Administrator must approve the Course Upload.


Specify the Users that are responsible for approving the Course Upload. The Choose setting will appear. When clicked a drop-down menu of Users will appear allowing you to select the Administrator that will approve this Course Upload.


Reviewer's Notes

This section appears when Approval is required on a Course Upload.

Reviewer's Notes may also be considered the Approver's Notes. This section is available to the Approver when they are notified about the Course Upload requiring Approval.

  • Reviewer Notes are only visible via the Admin Experience. This information will not be made visible to Learners.
  • The option to add a Reviewer Note is only available when making an approval decision at Reporting > Course Uploads > Manage.


Accessing a Course Upload

When a Learner opens a Course that contains a Course Upload they will see the Uploads tab underneath the name of the course. The Uploads tab may be clicked to open. If the course does not include any Course Uploads the Uploads tab will not be visible.


In this example course only a single Course Upload is required to complete the whole Online Course. Accordingly the required Course Upload appears on the Course Content section as well.

Under the Uploads section all Course Uploads will be listed alongside an Upload button.

Learner may click the Upload button to open the Upload File modal frame.

On the Upload File modal frame a Learner may select the Browse button to select a file from their computer for the upload. Additionally the Learner may enter text in the Notes section to offer insight, or confirm something to the Approver

Once the intended file has been completed and any Notes are added the Learner must click the Save button to finalize the Course Upload. A successfully uploaded file will be indicated underneath the Upload setting.

After the Course Upload is saved, the Uploads section will update to showcase related information.

It is also possible to use the Replace button to update the file that was uploaded for the Course Upload. It is possible to use the Replace function up until the Course Upload has been Approved. If there is no Approval required for the Course Upload then the first upload will be accepted and the Learner will not be able to replace the content. A Learner will also be able to download the file that they have uploaded by clicking on the upload name.

Course Upload File Size

A Learner will be able to upload a file up to 10MB. The maximum Course Upload file size can be increased if necessary by contacting Support.


Supported File Types

The following are the supported file types for Course Uploads:

Supported Not Supported
  • Office Files
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
  • Images
    • .GIF
    • .PNG
    • .JPEG
  • Audio/Video
    • .MPEG
    • .MP4
    • .MOV
    • .WAV
    • .M4A
  • Document
    • .PDF
    • .TXT
  • Executable Files
    • .EXE
    • .MSI
  • Website Data
    • .com
  • Raw Code
    • .JS


Course Uploads Report

Once a Learner submits a Course Upload, Admins will receive an email letting them know there is an upload that is pending approval. You will be able to manage the submissions via the Course Uploads Report.



From this report you will see all submissions, including the ones that are already approved. From the Course Uploads Report you will be able to Approve or Deny pending requests. Approved requests will update the User's progress in the Course. Denied requests will show under a User's Course page as denied and will allow Users to Replace their initial upload until approval is achieved. 

You can Manage or Delete User submissions from the Course Uploads Report. Deleting the submission will remove it from the list entirely. Manage allows you to add notes on why the submission was declined, download the file, see and delete previous versions of the file (via the eye icon), as well as see various information about the submission. Notes that you leave in the Notes space will display for the Learner on their courses page. 


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