Creating Course Uploads


Course uploads is a new section inside courses that allows administrators to create and outline required items that a learner must upload in order to complete a course. An admin can provide instructions for the uploads, determine whether the upload requires administrator approval and manage the uploads from the Course Upload Report. 

To find Course Uploads go to tab Course Uploads when adding or editing an Online or Instructor Led Course. 

Click the "Add Upload" button to add a course upload object. For both Instructor-led and online courses, you can then Upload Instructions for the learner, and a Label for the upload and determine whether or not the upload will require approval. You may then configure the rest of your course settings and save the course.

Online courses have an additional option called Type. If you choose Certificate, you will grant learners a certificate upon completion of an upload. Additional form fields are provided such as Date Issued, Expiry Date & Issuer. Only one upload can be set as a Certificate type.


Important: As noted on the default option- all course uploads are required for completion of the course and count towards user progress, regardless of whether the upload requires approval. All uploads are mandatory and count as 1 lesson per upload, and must be completed before a course evaluation that is configured for the end of the course.

Accessing a Course Upload

Upon accessing a course a learner will see a separate tab called Uploads, where they may complete each upload in order to progress in the course. The learner will be able to upload a file up to 10MB and add notes if necessary. The maximum upload size can be increased if necessary by contacting Support

Please note: If no upload is attached to a course, then the Upload Tab will not appear for a learner. 

If a learner uploads a file accidentally they will have up until the time that the upload is approved to replace the upload with a new file. If there is no approval required for the upload then the first upload will be accepted and the learner will not be able to replace the content. A learner will also be able to download the file that they have uploaded by clicking on the upload name. 

Please Note: The follow are the supported file formats:

* Office files
** Word
** Excel
** Powerpoint
* Images
** gif
** png
** jpeg
* Audio/Video
** mpeg
** mp4
** mov
** wav
** m4a
* Misc.
** pdf
** txt

Formats that are explicitly disallowed:

* exe
* msi
* com


Course Uploads Report

Once a learner submits an upload, Admins will receive an email letting them know there is an upload that is pending approval. You be able to manage the submissions via the Course Uploads Report.

In this report, you will see all submissions, including the ones that are already approved. From the Course Uploads Report you will be able to Approve or Deny pending requests. Approved requests will update the user's progress in the course. Denied requests will show under a user's course page as denied and will allow users to Replace their initial upload until approval is achieved. 

You can Manage or Delete user submissions from the Course Upload Report. Deleting the submission will remove it from the list entirely. Manage allows you to add notes on why the submission was declined, download the file, see and delete previous versions of the file (via the eye icon), as well as see various information about the submission. Notes that you leave in the Notes space will display for the learner on their courses page. 

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