External Training, allows administrators to create and manage external training templates and tie them to departmental dashboards/menus. Learners can fill out the template provided to them via their dashboard, in order to record training taken outside the LMS.

To create an External Training template you will navigate to Portal settings and select the "Manage External Training Templates" button.


Please note: Access to Manage (create/delete) external training templates will only be available to System Administrators. 

You will then be brought to the External Training Templates Report, where you can see a list of all the template that have been created, both inactive and active. You can edit an existing template, or create a new template.

When adding a new template you will first see the General field where you will select a name for the template, whether the template is active, and whether submissions to this template will require approval. 

Under the Fields tab you will see a variety of fields that you can select to include in your template. Course Name and Completion Date will be required on all templates, however you can choose whether or not to include the other fields.

 The available fields are as follows:

 Course Name  Required
 Completion Date  Required
 Start Date  Hidden/Optional/Required/Read Only
 Expiry Date  Hidden/Optional/Required/Read Only
 Total Time Spent (Hours)  Hidden/Optional/Required/Read Only
 Description  Hidden/Optional/Required/Read Only
 Cost  Hidden/Optional/Required/Read Only
 Score  Hidden/Optional/Required/Read Only
 Grade  Hidden/Optional/Required/Read Only
 Credits  Hidden/Optional/Required/Read Only
 Vendor  Hidden/Optional/Required/Read Only
 Vendor Address  Hidden/Optional/Required/Read Only
 Upload File  Hidden/Optional/Required/Read Only

After you have created and saved your External Training Template you will need to add it to a learner menu or dashboard, via the Templates report. 

Once you add the tile, you will want click the Edit button, so that you can tie it to a template. 

Please note: You can add multiple different external training templates to a single dashboard (theme).

Save your theme, and then your learners will then be able to see the External Training Template on their learner dashboard or menu and fill out the information to create a submission.

A learner can fill out and submit an external training submission as many times as they wish, but can not edit an existing submission.  A learner can also now attach one item to the submission.  If more they need to upload more documents, they will need to create a new submission for each document they wish to attach to the submission.





Once a submission has been created, the set Approver will get a notification email to let them know an external training request has been submitted. A submission that does not require approval will automatically show in the learners transcript with no further action from an Admin.

External Training Report

Submissions can be managed from the External Training Report found under the Reports Icon. 

All submissions, including the ones that do not require approval will be listed in this report. From this report you will be able to Edit, Approve, Decline or Delete a submission. 

By Editing a submission, you will be able to see and make changes to all the fields that external training offers as listed in the table above, regardless of whether they were included in the template and make changes if necessary.

You will also be view an attachment if it has been added.  Clicking the eye icon in the upper-right corner of the image, will allow you to see a full sized view of the attachment.


You can Approve or Decline the External Training at the top of the Edit  screen. 

Once approved, a External Training submission will appear in a learners transcript. 


Please Note: While it still appears in the report, External Training submissions that do not require approval will automatically appear in the learners transcript. 

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