Absorb Integration with BizLibrary


What’s New

Absorb now allows clients to import BizLibrary course content to the LMS and track users progress and completion.


Getting Started

To get started with BizLibrary content in Absorb you will first need to contact your account manager to enabled BizLibrary on your portal.

Syncing BizLibray Learning Content

Once you have an established a connection with BizLibrary and our Support team has enabled BizLibrary with the necessary fields filled out, the system will automatically start syncing your BizLibrary courses with Absorb. 

Please Note: The initial sync of your courses can take a while depending on the number of courses.

After the sync is complete, you will be able to access the Content Libraries page from the Courses Menu. From this page you will see all the BizLibrary Courses that you have access to. The courses that are synced to your portal are determined by the original configuration of BizLibray at the time of purchase.

Note: that if you have access to more than one content library, you will first need to select BizLibrary from the dropdown.



From this page you will see all the BizLibrary Courses that you have access to. The courses that are synced to your portal are determined by the original configuration of BizLibray at the time of purchase. 

Importing BizLibrary Courses

After all your courses are synced to Absorb, any Admin with the BizLibrary permission (set based on Modify Course permission), will be able to Import the courses they wish to start enrolling learners into. You can select one or multiple courses from the list, and then use the Import button on the right hand side to bring up the Import Course window. From here you can select whether this course will allow Self Enrollment, have Automatic Enrollment enabled, what category the course should be placed in, and who the course editors are.

It is important to note that Course Editors can only be added in bulk at this stage and will need to be edited at the individual course-level after this initial selection, so you want to ensure you have selected the right Editors.


Once you have finished importing the courses you wish to use you can select the ViewBizLibrary Courses button.

As you will notice, this page is pre-filtered to only display BizLibrary Courses. From here Administrators with course editing permissions can select a course and make edits to the settings as they would with any other Online Course as well as add additional Lesson Objects (ie: assessments, tasks etc.).

Please Note: As the course content is brought over from BizLibrary, the lesson section cannot be edited (i.e., lesson description, title, etc.). You will also find that the BizLibrary course thumbnail and tags (create from BizLibrary Tags) are brought over automatically.

Admins can also make BizLibrary content in reverse by first creating an Online Course, and then adding a Lesson Object type of BizLibrary. You can search for the BizLibrary course that you want to add as a Lesson, clicking the eye icon to view the description as you scroll. You can also add other object types into your online course, such as SCORM, videos or assessments to make a mixed content course.

In all courses in the LMS, including BizLibrary only courses and the mixed content courses, Admins will be able include a "License Type" availability rule to ensure only users with assigned BizLibrary Licenses will be automatically enrolled or allowed to self enroll in a course containing BizLibrary courses. This can be configured at both the importing and editing course stages. 

Important: BizLibrary courses are not eligible to be sold via E-Commerce. Absorb does not support or endorse the selling of  content.

BizLibrary Licensing 

Your learners will need to have a license in order to launch BizLibrary courses. You can view and manage licensed learners through Absorb LMS interface.  Here you can manually add individual or groups of learners or create automatic licensing rules to provide your learners with a license.  You can also unassign licenses and review your number of available licenses.

Viewing Licensed Learners

To view the current list of learners who have access or to manually give learners a license, select the Setup icon (setupicon.png)  and then the Library Licensing menu from the Setup tab.


Here, you can see information regarding your learners and the licenses you have assigned to them.  You can also add or remove licenses from Learners.

Please note: Library Licensing is only available to System Administrators by default.


Manually Assigning Individual or Mass licenses

You can add licenses to learners individually or you can create a one time rule to immediately mass assign licenses.  Select Add New - Assign Licenses.


Then add the name(s) of the individual learners to assign the license to individuals.

Or create a one time rule that will mass enroll all those learners that meet the assignment rule (or rules) defined. 

Creating Automatic Licensing Rules

You can also create licensing rules so that all new learners that meet these rules are automatically assigned a license.  To create automatic rules, first select Add New - Manage Licenses.


Then select the licensing type, create the licensing assignment rule(s) and click save.  Going forward all learners that meet the rule(s) will be granted the BizLibrary license automatically. 


Please note: You can only assign licenses to as many users as the number of licenses you have purchased. Once you have hit the limit of purchased licenses as outlined in your initial BizLibrary configuration you will not be able to licenses anymore users until the renewal of your contract, at which time you may choose to reset all licenses in your portal. Inactive learners that have consumed a license will still count towards your total license consumption.

Unassigning Licenses

You also have the ability to unassign (remove) licenses from learners through the Library Licensing page. Select the learner and then select Remove License to unassign the license.

Important: You can only unassign licenses that haven't been consumed ( used by a learner to launch a BizLibrary Course). Absorb is not responsible for any incorrectly assigned licenses and cannot un-license users on your behalf.

Viewing Number of Available Licenses

It is helpful to see how many licenses have been consumed. You can easily view this on your main Admin dashboard. The report on the main Admin dashboard under the Courses tab shows the used and remaining licenses as well as your total licenses purchased and contract end date.


BizLibrary in the Learner Interface

In the Catalog and My Courses a learner has the ability to filter their view to see a list of courses from BizLibrary. The option appears on the “Advanced Filtering” menu under the Libraries section.




Once enrolled, valid licenses will be able to launch BizLibrary Courses and proceed through the material in the same way they would with any other course. 

Learners without a license will receive a "Not Available" message instead of a launch button and will unable to view the BizLibrary content until a license is applied to their account.

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