April 2019 Release Notes


This release is planned for deployment on April 14 at 9am PST/12pm EST/17 UTC to our North American and EU environments. Our AU and CN environments will be updated on April 15 at 4am AEDT/1am CST.
Please note: Features and functionality listed in these notes may change prior to release. Releases are deployed in sequence across environments and this deployment may take up to two hours, so users may see intermittent maintenance pages during that time.


Note: Due to a complication with the release:

Our AU release occurred at 4 AM AEDT April 16th. 

Our CN release is scheduled for 3 AM CST April 16th.



Learner Experience

Certificate Course Uploads

A course upload within an online course can be configured to generate a certificate. This allows you to track certifications that your learners earn outside of the LMS within your Absorb courses.

Only one upload can be set as a certificate course upload. Approval behaves the same as with other course uploads: the certificate course upload can be configured to automatically approve upon entry (None), or require approval from a specified administrator such as the learner's supervisor or department admin.


When a learner adds a certificate course upload, they will include three new fields: date issued, expiry date, and issuer. This information will be used as part of the certificate generated on course completion.


The certificate generated based on the course upload data can be viewed by learners within the course details page, transcript or 'My Courses' calendar view (based on the certificate expiry date). An administrator can view the learner’s certificate within their transcript or within the 'Certificates' report. The certificate course upload can be viewed within the 'Course Uploads' report.

Updated Course Details View When No Lessons Exist

When an online course contains no lessons but at least one upload (regardless if it's a certificate upload or not), we will display a button/link where the course content would typically go to allow the learner to navigate to the Uploads tab.


Viewing Credits Before Completion

Within the course details page, a learner can now see the credits that will be awarded for completing the course before completion. This change applies to online courses, ILCs and curricula. The view for credits will be initially shown in a 'greyed out' state and transition to its current 'completion' state upon course completion.

Partner Program

Namely Integration: Refine Sync Rules

We've added more options to refine which employees you want to sync to Absorb LMS, and which of those employees should receive instructor or admin roles.  This grants you more control when automatically creating learners, instructors, and administrators in Absorb from your Namely system.

User Sync Options

Add extra conditions that must be met in order for an employee to be synced to the LMS. For instance, the example integration settings below will only sync Namely employees that meet the following criteria:

  1. Employees are 'Active' in Namely, not 'Inactive' or 'Pending' statuses, AND
  2. Employees are either 'full time' OR 'part time', not contractors, interns, freelancers, etc.


Admin Access Rules

Create fine grained admin access rules to stipulate who gets instructor or admin access, and use custom roles to tailor their level of access to only what they need.  For instance, the rules in the example screenshots below can automatically identify your department managers or directors, and give them tailored permissions to provide training to the learners in their own departments.



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