Upgrading the Absorb Interface - Interface Considerations

Among the updates to the learner interface, there are a few key changes to be aware of when performing the upgrade. This article will explain certain default behaviors in Absorb's interface.

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Hide Completed Courses

The Hide Completed Courses option is toggled on by default in your root department's template. You can toggle this off by editing the root template, and navigating to the Courses Tab > My Courses and Catalog > Hide Completed Courses.


Expanding Tiles

Certain tiles (Leaderboard, News Articles, FAQs, Messages, etc.) can expand to display more information if the screen width/number of tiles in that row allows.


Container with 3 tiles:


Container with 7 tiles:


Frequently Asked Questions

The Short Answer field in the FAQs section has been removed. Questions will now display the question and full answer.


News Article Thumbnails (Absorb Engage)

Thumbnail images in news articles are no longer available, only the article image remains. The article image will be scaled as needed to form the thumbnail.


E-Commerce Billing Address

E-Commerce selects the "billing address is the same as shipping" by default.



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