LMS Customization Guidelines - News Article Images

Use images within your News Articles, as a part of the Absorb Engage module, to bring life to important announcements within your portal.

Find out more details on how to create news articles here.

In This Article 

By Default

When you create news articles, you will have the option to upload a primary image per article. Additionally, you can also add inline images to your article using the text editor. 

Recommended Image Size

310px x 310px


Appearance on LMS

Visualize how we use news article images on the LMS.


Choosing News Article Images 

Use an aspect ratio of 1:1 or a square, make sure that the resolution is at 72dpi suitable for the web. Your audience should get a general idea of the article and is related to the topic. 

Examples of good course thumbnails:

Using Caution

Images with text. If you want to highlight the title of your article in an image, limit the word count, make sure it is legible in terms of colour, font, and size. Exceptions for abstract images if the purpose is to showcase a programming language, word documents, and handwriting. 

sample1.png   sample2.png

Busy or abstract background. With the exceptions, if the topic is regarding about that specific pattern or object (e.g. Aztec, fleur delis, etc...) Some images may be misinterpreted and to reiterate: make sure objects can be seen clearly and actions can be made out easily.

sample3.png    sample4.png

Images that are distinctly one colour.

sample5.png    sample6.png

Make sure images have a standard aspect ratio of 1:1 or square. Unproportional images could look stretched, including transparent images.


Crop your images appropriately, unless intentional to capture a specific object or action.

sample9.png    sample8.png

Protect your content from copyright infringement. Use images that you own, have purchased, credit authors properly, ask permission for image usage or use creative commons license images with caution. 

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