LMS Customization Guidelines - Page Banners

The Banner Image will appear on the course details page for every course and curricula within the portal for the department that the template is assigned to.

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By Default

Course Details Page

If you do not upload a banner image to the Course Details Page there will be a default image visible.


My Courses and Catalog

If you do not upload a banner image to the My Courses and Catalog Page there will be a default image visible.


Recommended Image Size

1920px x 360px and 300 KB file size.


Banner Images - Appearance on the LMS

Visualize the Page Banners on the LMS and how the images are used in the context of a component.




Page Banner Details

Keep in mind banner images have additional interactivity that overlay on top, samples are shown below. Depending on your view some images might be covered or clipped off. Banner Images are also associated with Theme Type > Banner & Button Text.


Image Pointers for Banner Images

  • Images that are abstract or a pattern make great banner images.
  • Use images that don't have a focus point.
  • Images with a colour overlay in contrast with the interactive text and buttons.
  • Banner images can be a collection of objects related to the course.




Images with Text

Some components will overlay the banner image, therefore, images with text are not recommended unless used intentionally.


Aspect Ratio

Make sure images have a proportioned scale or widescreen aspect ratio. Unproportioned images could look stretched or objects can be cut-off.



Transparent Images will overlay with a Gray background (Hex #b2b2b2), make sure the chosen image can compliment the gray background.


Low Contract with Text

Page Banners are associated with a Theme Color "Banner & Button Text". If you select a text colour similar to the image, course titles will not be readable.



Use images that you own, have purchased, credit authors properly, ask permission for image usage or use creative commons license images with caution. Protect your content from copyright infringement.


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