May 2019 Release Notes


This release is planned for deployment on May 12 at 9am PST/12pm EST/17 UTC to our North American and EU environments. Our AU and CN environments will be updated on May 13 at 4am AEDT/1am CST.
Please note: Features and functionality listed in these notes may change prior to release. Releases are deployed in sequence across environments with a deployment taking up to two hours. Users may see intermittent maintenance pages during this time.


Learner Experience

Credit Based Curricula Completion

This new feature provides you with the ability to pace curricula for learners by requiring a certain number of credits which allows for further flexibility in how learners progress through their training. Rather than requiring a specific set of courses or all courses in a Curricula Group to be completed, you can configure a certain number of credits.

Curricula Configuration

An Administrator or Course Author can now configure curricula group completion based on credits. A new third option "Minimum credits" acts similar to the "Minimum courses" setting where a learner is completed the curricula group once a certain number of credits are earned based on the courses completed within the group.

  • You should ensure that courses within the curricula group have credits awarded so that you can guarantee a learner can complete the curricula group.
  • A curricula can be configured with a blend of curricula groups where a learner must complete all courses in one group, a subset of courses in another and a certain number of credits in another. There is no limitation to having all curricula groups have the same completion settings.
  • Credit based group completion has been built to function with pace progress; future curricula groups are locked if a learner has not completed the minimum number of credits within a prior curricula group.
  • The specific curricula group will be marked as "Complete" once a learner achieves the required (minimum) number of credits.
  • The curricula progress percentage is updated when credits are earned in a course inside the curricula group.
  • Courses with or without variable credits configured will work with this feature.


Curricula Course Details View

When viewing the Curricula course details page, a learner will see the following related to credit based curricula group completion:

  • The group will state how many credits are required and how many have been awarded
  • The progress for the curricula has been updated to reflect the recent changes:
    • If all curricula groups are configured based on credits it'll show X/Y Credits
    • If all curricula groups are configured based on course completion it'll show X/Y Courses
    • If there's a mixture of credit and course curricula group completion it'll show X/Y Groups


View Credits Before Course Completion

Learners can now see how many credits they will earn before completing the course. The credits are visible within the following areas:

  • Catalog (detail view)
  • My Courses (detail view)
  • Curricula Course Details (on courses inside the curricula)
  • Course Details Pre-Requisites (ILC, Curricula and Online Course Details)


Issuer on Certificate Report

As part of the Certificate Course Upload functionality recently rolled out in the April release, we've now included "Certificate Issuer" as an available column within the Certificates Report. It will only contain data based on the value a learner provides as part of the Certificate Course Upload.

  • This column is hidden by default.
  • The column can be moved within the report, filtered and sorted on and included within an export.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • When a learner is enrolled in multiple paced curricula that share the same courses in a different order, the learner will be able to access the shared course from the curricula it's unlocked in only.
    • A group will be unlocked in a paced curricula if the learner meets the completion requirements of the prior group - regardless of the pacing/progress of other curricula the learner is enrolled in.
    • The courses will be available only in the curricula that have them unlocked.
      The catalog will show the course available for enrollment if it's been unlocked in at least one paced curricula (assuming the appropriate show courses outside curricula is enabled).
    • The search results page will show the course available for enrollment if it's been unlocked in at least one paced curricula.
    • Viewing a curricula that contains courses that are unlocked in a different curricula will still be locked based on the pacing specific to the curricula in view.

Partner Program

BizLibrary Report Enhancements

The default report view for the 'BizLibrary Catalog' report has been updated to make it easier to find BizLibrary titles relevant to your learners.  Additional filterable fields have been included in that report by default:

  • Topics: filter the catalog to find titles related to a desired topic, such as 'HR Compliance', 'Business Skills', 'Software', or 'Industry Specific'
  • Languages: view only the titles in languages applicable to your learners
  • Tags: search for relevant tags associated with the title

The report will also include the full course description when that field is (optionally) added to the report.

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  • 0
    Kristin Weber

    Has this feature only been deployed to the new leaner interface using the NLE URL?

  • 0
    Marika Dubiel

    Great feature! Will the credits per course/curriculum be visible in reports? (e.g. Learner Progress?)

  • 0
    Absorb Product Team

    Hi Kristin:

    You are correct, the credit based curricula completion feature has been built for the (new) learner experience only.


    Hi Marika:

    Can you please help clarify what you're asking? Can an admin view the credits required to complete the curriculum from a report? Specific to the Learner Progress report, the progress of course completions within a credit-based curricula will be included here.

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