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If an admin requires all learners to take a certain course before completing any other actions in the LMS, they can do so by setting up an On Login Course.

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When an authenticated user navigates to any learner area in the LMS or an unauthenticated user logs in to a portal with an On Login Course enabled, Absorb checks if that learner has an active and completed enrollment associated with the specified course. If they do not, then they are enrolled into the course and are required to complete it prior to performing any other LMS activities. Users enrolled this way bypass any enrollment rules, prerequisites, and/or E-Commerce pricing that may be set up for the specified course.

Note: A "completion" can be either a pass or a failure.

Setting up an On Login Course

You will find the On Login Course toggle in your portal settings page, under the Users tab. This option is available only to users with the System Admin role.

Once toggled on, you will be able to select a course from your portal's list of online courses to require learners to complete.

Note: Changes to this setting are retroactive. Any learner who does not have an active and completed enrollment in the selected course will be required to complete the course before they can perform any other task in the LMS.

Learner Experience

With the On Login Course enabled, learners who do not have an active and completed enrollment in the selected course will see the following message upon signing into the LMS:

Learners will not have access to menus or header navigation icons (e.g. search, cart, profile) except for a log out button until the course is completed.

If it's a learner's first time logging in to the LMS and 'First Use Terms and Conditions' is toggled on in that learner's template, the learner must accept the terms and conditions prior to accessing the On Login course.


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