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This article will focus on the course upload type Certificate. Configuring a certificate course upload within an online course will allow for easy tracking of learners training that has been completed outside of the LMS. This feature will provide a number of options when organizing information that will be provided by the learner.


Configuring a Certificate Course Upload

To begin adding uploads to your course choose a course from the course list and select Edit Course then select the Uploads tab to add/view any existing course uploads added to the course. 

Please note only one upload can be set as a certificate type, course upload. Once set, all other uploads added under the uploads tab are 'forced' as the default upload type. 

Lessons are not required to create a course containing a certificate course upload. This allows you the ability to create an 'empty' lesson course containing just a certificate course upload meant to simply track or obtain information on training taken by learners outside of the LMS.

This new upload will display a number of course upload settings, including the Upload Instructions, LabelCertificate Upload Type and Approval. See additional detail about these options below.

  • The Upload Instructions will allow you to provide instructions to your learners that will be visible when viewing the course details on the learner interface under the course uploads tab. 
  • The Label option allows you to set a title for the upload in order to help learners differentiate between all available course upload options you decide to add to the course.
  • The Type option allows you to choose either the Default or Certificate type.
  • The Approval options seen in the screenshot above behave the same for certificate as with default course uploads, the certificate course upload can be configured to either automatically approve upon entry by choosing the None option or require approval from an administrator, supervisor, course editor or other.


The Completion/Certificates Tab

When a certificate course upload is added to a course the Learners receive a certificate upon completion checkbox under the Completion tab will be automatically activated in order to force the course to generate a certificate for learners/users upon completion of the course.

Administrators will not have the ability to turn this off as this completion setting must be on in order to grant learners a certificate upon completion of an upload. The certificate will be generated using the form fields provided by the learner during the upload process such as Date Issued, Expiry Date & Issuer. 

A custom certificate URL can still be used when making use of the course uploads certificate as well as a custom title and notes. The expiry date section will be disable as this information will be pulled from date entered by the learner during the certificate upload process on the learner interface.


Uploading a Certificate from the learner interface

Once a learner is ready to upload a certificate from the learner interface they will need to first select the appropriate course from the My Courses page, choose the Uploads tab and then select Uploads.

When an online course contains no lessons under the Syllabus tab and has at least one upload (regardless if it's a certificate upload or not), the Course Content tab will display a button/link where the course content would typically be displayed to the learner to redirect them to the Uploads tab.

Once the learner has selected Upload they will then be prompted to enter the fields related to the certificate. Once entered this information will be added to the certificate generated by the course. The fields will include:

  • Upload a file - Upload a copy of the physical certificate given to the learner outside of the LMS. This is required.
  • Date Issued - The date the certification was issued. This is a required field.
  • Expiry Date - The date the certification expires. A toggle is available to set no expiry. The expiry date entered in this field can be used to set a Re-enrollment rule. 
  • Issuer - Who the certification was through. This is a required field. Issuer is field available for use within a certificate and has been included in the default Absorb template.
  • Notes - Additional notes that may be of importance regarding the certificate.

Upon course completion, a certificate will be generated based on the data entered by the user (or overridden by the Admin) and awarded to the learner. Additional information added to the certificate will include information such as the:

  • Acquired Date which will populate using the date issued that was entered by the learner during the upload process.
  • Course Name which can be overridden via certificate Title settings found under the completion tab when editing the course.

Once saved and uploaded (with no pending approval) the learner can review the certificate information associated with the generated certificate. The learner has the option to replace the upload if necessary using the Replace button.


Course Upload Report/Approval

The Course Uploads report will allow Administrators to view all learner uploads through the course upload feature including Certificate course uploads. This report will allow filtering of specific data associated with the certificate upload such as the Certificate Expiry Date, Certificate Issue Date, Certificate Issuer and more.


Certificates that that require Approval can be managed, approved, declined or deleted using the options available under the Actions menu. This menu will populate on the right side of the Course uploads report once a specific certificate course upload is selected from the Course Uploads report.


Viewing the Certificate

Newly created certificates generated from the data within the course upload will be visible to a Learner from a number of locations:

  • The Course Details page on the right sidebar
  • The Users Transcript
  • The My Courses calendar view (based on the certificate expiry date)

Newly created certificates generated from the data within the course upload will be visible to an Administrator from the:

  • The Learner's transcript within the Admin interface
  • The Certificates report 
  • The Course Upload report


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