Admin Refresh BETA


Welcome to the Absorb LMS Admin Refresh BETA Program!

We are very glad you decided to join us. There are some things you should know before you start:

  • Your beta experience is on a copy of your LMS that is specifically for testing. None of the changes you make will affect your live portal, and we will completely delete your test area once your beta phase is finished.
  • The Admin Refresh doesn't include all functionality of the existing Admin application yet. We've 'sliced' in pieces of the existing application in order to provide the complete Absorb LMS experience while we continue to move the functionality over.
  • We are very interested in your feedback on the Admin Refresh, and you will often get prompted to look at specific things that we are especially curious about. Please put all of your feedback directly in Absorb LMS to make sure it gets to the right people!
  • You can tell when you are on an existing Admin application 'slice' because they use the colors you are used to seeing in Absorb LMS.
  • New 'slices' are much more colorful to make them more accessible to our friends with visual impairments.
  • When you want to visit Portal Settings, just go to an older slice first and then you will find the shortcut in it's regular place.
  • We took the Dashboards link out of the menu, so now you can just click on the Absorb logo to get to it.
  • Some of the dashboards weren't accessible, so we decided to take them out.
  • We took out some UI pieces of the report pages so we could use the space for more lines on the report.
  • Creating Courses or Users is now one page instead of across a bunch of tabs!
  • The File Manager doesn't exist yet - so all files will come from your PC.
    • You can't upload the same file more than once per Course right now!
  • We haven't changed any of the scoring, business or administration in the LMS.


Top 10 Features

Below, we have identified the top 10 best new features that we have added including:

  1. Course Creation UX
  2. Incremental saving reducing lost work in case of interruption
  3. Reduced UI 'clutter'
  4. Recurrence Model
  5. Easier to understand scheduling
  6. WCAG support
  7. Improved multi-select
  8. More responsive report loading
  9. Increased data density of grid
  10. Smarter navigation
    • Cancelling actions returns you to screen of origin
    • Support for deep linking
    • URL based navigation and filtering


Click here to visit the Admin Refresh BETA FAQ page (still growing!)



Click here to see some limitations we put in place for this version of the Admin application (still growing!)


Scope Details

Click here for an in-depth list of what has and hasn't been refreshed. This will be updated as work is completed.

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