The Absorb Inform module consists of a custom dashboard and reports in your admin interface. Absorb Inform reporting options are expansive, and so we have created the Absorb Inform Sample Library. This library of reports allows Absorb Inform subscribers to experience the latest and greatest Absorb Inform reporting and design options before scoping out your custom content.


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Sample Reports

The library currently houses reports that display data related to recent activity, E-commerce, ILC sessions, user feedback, assessment, Admins, curriculums, and enrollment keys.  You can view the details of our sample reports below

Report on Recent LMS Activity


This report allows you to see, at a high level, the overall usage of the LMS. This report displays stats from the last 7, 30, and 90 days for a few areas of functionality within the LMS such as Learners Added, Logins, Certificates awarded or expired, Courses Added, Lessons Added, Enrollments, and Completions.

You might use this report to determine if your user logins and activity are being maintained at a steady level, and then decide what/where changes could be applied if needed. Or you might use the report to see any seasonal trends in your user enrolments and completions.

Report on E-Commerce Sales Figures


This report displays a traditional sales dashboard that calculates details such as Total Sales, Average Transaction Value, Transaction Counts, Trends over time, and that also displays a geographical breakdown of where the transactions are taking place.

This report allows you to view and compare sales trends from a defined time frame or from year to year. This report can be helpful, for example, to compare the catalog sales from 2016 to your year-to-date sales.

Report on Course Sales Breakdown


This is similar to the E-Commerce report but focuses on the Course. Whereas the E-Commerce report will give you details on Total Sales and transactions within your portal, this report will aggregate all transactions for each course and display the total sales and transactions for each individual Course.

This report can be used to assess which courses have been your high sellers and which have not resulted in many sales and may need to be removed or revised.

Report on ILC Session Analytics


This report focuses on the stats from Instructor-Led Courses, such as Number of Classes This Week, number of sessions taught by your Instructors, and the number of filled seats for classes that have a maximum class size listed.  

This report can be used to see the workload of the Instructors, or to view which courses may have limited seats left, and how many seats are remaining.

Report on User Feedback


This report displays data related to Course Evaluations and Comments. This report displays every evaluation text response, evaluation Rating, and course comment left for any course. You can use the column header filters to further refine the data that is populated in this table.

This report might be useful in quickly assessing feedback trends for a course so that you can determine if any modifications are needed.

Report on Assessment Answer Key


This report allows you to review the configured correct or incorrect answers for all of the Absorb assessments in a single page report.

If you further refine this report, it can act as an Answer Key for the assessment selected.

Report on Admin User Management


This report allows you to select a DEPARTMENT or GROUP and see all the admins that have access to them. 

This report may be useful in providing some insight on how the Admins are distributed, or if there are any departments in your portal that do not have an Admin associated with them.

Report on Course/Curriculum Associations


This simple report will allow you to see if a Course is associated with any Curriculum/Curricula.  When you select a COURSE, you will see all the Curricula that host that Course

This report can be helpful to review before you make revisions on a current course or plan to make it Inactive as it will allow you to plan for any impact these changes may have on the Curricula it is associated with.

Report on Enrollment Key Usage


This report displays every occurrence of an Enrollment Key that is being used in your LMS and the type of usage, whether it be New User signup, a Course Enrollment, or both.

This report can help you determine how the Enrollment Keys are being used in your portal, and if they are being used efficiently. You can also quickly get information such as: “How many users in my portal have had accounts created via Enrollment Key?”

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