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The Absorb Assistant is a self help support tool that we have set up to guide Admins in the use of our LMS system. The Absorb Assistant is here to help Admin learn how to complete various operations within the LMS. From adding users to authoring courses to generating reports and much more, the Absorb Assistant is your first line of resources when attempting to discover how to perform Absorb LMS functions. The Absorb Assistant provides step-by-step instructions to guide Admin through LMS functionality.

Make the Most of the Absorb Assistant

With an ever-growing library the Absorb Assistant is here to guide Admin on whatever operation they wish to complete.

Guide Library:

Onboarding: Absorb LMS:
• How to Create an Online Course • How to Approve Enrollment of Users in a Course
• How to Create a User • How to Check Course Enrollment
• How to Create a Course Bundle • How to Create a Competency
• How to Create a Curriculum • How to Create a Report
• How to Create an Instructor Led Course (ILC) • How to Create a Course Summary
• How to Create a Question Bank • How to View a User Transcript
• How to Enroll a User in a Course • How to Create an Assessment
• How to Un-enroll Users from a Course • How to Create a Group
• How to Import Users with a CSV File • How to Create a Coupon
• How to Create a Department • How to Create a Venue
• How to Create a Category • How to Manage Portal Settings
• How to Generate a Report • How to Create a Global Resource
  • How to Create an Enrollment Key
Mercury Module: • How to Impersonate a User
• How to Create a News Article • How to Mark Attendance for an ILC
• How to Create a Leaderboard • How to Replace Third-Party Content
• How to Create a Billboard • How to Report Activities by Course
• How to Create a Poll • How to Create an ILC Activity Report
  • How to Report Activities by User
  • How to Import Courses from SkillSoft
  • How to Import Courses from Bizlibrary


Where Can I find the Absorb Assistant?

The Absorb Assistant can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the Admin interface. Just click the little blue icon to let Absorb Assistant start helping you.


How Does it Work?

You can find guides by selecting a category or using the search bar. Once you have found the guide you need selecting it will give you step-by-step instructions and information about the operations you are trying to complete.


Please Note: You can exit a guide at any time by clicking the little x in the top right-hand corner of the guide if you feel you no longer need further instruction.

Knowledge Base Access

If the guide was not enough or didn’t answer your questions there is another tab with a search bar which will bring up related articles from our Knowledge Base for further information.


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