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A Question Bank is a set of questions and answers that you can apply across multiple Assessment Learning Objects. This article will provide instructions on how to create a Question Bank.

To learn how to add a Question Bank to an Assessment Learning Object, visit Configuring Assessment & Survey Questions.

Important Note 

Keep in mind that questions and answers cannot be removed from a Question Bank once a Learner has answered them. It is possible to update question text; however, modifying this information can make Assessment report results appear mismatched with the inconsistent question and answer pairings. 
If you need to change the information within a question or answer, we recommend that you duplicate the Question Bank and update/remove the incorrect information. Then adjust the linked Question Bank within the Assessment Learning Object to the new version. The original version will remain available for reporting purposes.

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How to Create a Question Bank


Step Instructions
1. To begin, click the Courses button from the left-hand main navigation menu.
  • This action will open a fly-out sub-menu window. From here, click Question Banks.
  • You will be routed to the Question Banks Report.
2. From the Question Banks Report page, click the Question Bank button 
  • This action will route you to the Add Question Bank form.
3. Enter the Question Bank's Name in the Name field.
  • This is a required field.
  • The Question Bank's Name is visible within the Admin Interface, but not in the Learner Experience.
4. Click the Create Question button.
  • This action will open the Question form where you will configure the Question(s).


Create Question Settings

Setting Details
Questions Enter the Question Bank Question.  This is a required field.
Types Click the drop-down menu to select a Question Type from the list.
  • Multiple Choice (Single Answer)
  • Multiple Choice (Multiple Answer)
  • Text


Create an Answer Option and identify it as "Correct" or "Incorrect".

  • Answer Option:  Enter the Answer Option's text, number, or a combination of both.

  • Toggle Button:  Click the toggle button to change the status setting.

    • If CORRECT = The Answer Option is marked as the correct answer to the question.  

    • If INCORRECT =  The Answer Option is marked as incorrect for the question.
Add Option/Answer Click the Add Option/Answer button to create more answer choices for the question.
Correct Reply Optional: The message entered into this field will be presented to Learners when they select the correct answer option.
Incorrect Reply  Optional: The message entered into this field will be presented to Learners when they select the incorrect answer option.

Question Attachments are available to Learners during the Assessment.

Click the radio button to select an option:

  • If File = Click the Choose File button to upload new content.
  • If URL = Enter the URL address of external content. 


Add more questions to the Question Bank by clicking the Create Question button and following Step 5.
7. When you are finished configuring the Question Bank, click the Save button.
  • This action will return you to the Question Bank Report.
  • The Question Bank will be available to be added to Assessments.


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