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The Locked Department feature allows Admins to set Courses to lock to Departments automatically, preventing the leak of Course visibility and organizational information outside of the target Department. 

Once you enable this in your Portal, all Courses will include a Locked Department. Locked Department restricts all Department-based accessibility rules on all Course types to target only those Departments that are at or lower than the Locked Department in the client's Department hierarchy.

It is important to note that the Locked Department feature:

  • Prevents unwanted discovery of your content as the feature restricts access on Department based rules
  • Is available on all Courses including Online Courses, ILCs, Bundles and Curricula
  • Leverages your existing structure and populates based on the Department of the current Admin
  • Does not affect existing Courses as it is applied to existing Courses until they are opened
  • Does not affect other logic as no existing functionality was modified
  • Maintain flexibility for selected Admins as Admin accounts with Enroll Anyone permission will have access to Locked Departments


Enabling Locked Departments on your Portal 

To enable the Locked Department feature, log in to Absorb and navigate to your Admin portal.  Then, click on the Setting icon (icon.png) on the right side of your page and select the Portal Settings


On the Info tab, scroll down until you locate the Enable Locked Departments for Courses setting.  Change this to ON to enable this feature.


Locked Department will now be displayed on the Availability tab of every Course.image3.png


Setting Locked Department on Courses

 Once the feature is enabled at the portal level, a Locked Department will be applied to a Course:

  • When a Course is created, the highest level of Department User Management, of the Admin that created the Course is set as the Locked Department.

  • When a Course is edited by an Admin that is lower in the Department hierarchy, that Admin's highest level of Department User Management becomes the Locked Department automatically. If an edit action is cancelled, there will be no change to the Locked Department setting.

  • An Administrator with higher Department visibility and Course administration permissions can edit the Course and deliberately changes the Locked Department to one that is less restrictive.

  • Availability rules added to any course, curricula or ILC will default to match the Locked Department of that course unless manually changed.


Effects of Adding Locked Department to a Course

When a Locked Department exists on a Course:

  • A Department Visibility rule is added automatically that targets only the Locked Department with the qualifier set to Single Department by default. This can be changed to Include All Sub-Departments as desired.


  • If Allow Self-Enrollment is enabled, Department based automatic enrollment rules will target the Locked Department and Sub-Departments by default. This can be changed to target only the Locked Department if required.


  • If Automatic Enrollment is enabled, Department based automatic enrollment rules will target the Locked Department and sub-departments by default. This can be changed to target only the Locked Department if required.



Locked Departments and Admin Roles

As noted above, the Department of the Admin who creates and edits the course will impact which Locked Department is set on a course.  

A higher level Admin can always elevate the Locked Department to any that they have visibility of, but the Department of a higher level Admin who edits the Course will not be automatically stamped to the Locked Department field in the same way that of a lower level Administrator will be.

Exception: Enroll Anyone


We have created an exception to Locked Department permissions for those Admins that have the Enroll Anyone permissions.  If an Admin's permissions are set to include Enroll Anyone, the Locked Department functionality will be ignored for that Administrator.


Custom Admin Role

For clients that wish to utilize the Locked Department functionality, we encourage creating a custom Admin role that does not include the Enroll Anyone permission.  Then, assign Admins this custom role instead of the default Admin role to apply the Locked Department feature to these Admins.


Additional Considerations  


When creating or editing an Admin, you can assign that Admin to All, Department or Group. (You can review this article to better understand these user management categories.) If an Admin has been assigned to the custom role that does not include the Enroll Anyone permission (as suggested above), their User Management role may impact their Department access.

If an Admin has been given User Management for All  users, they will still be able to see all of the organization's Departments in the rule builder drop downs regardless of their assigned Department.  Therefore, it is important that all organizations who wish to use Locked Department effectively assign Department User Management access as much as possible.


It is also important to note that Department Admins Roles include permission to create Groups.  Since Groups are designed to circumvent Department rules, it is advisable to also not allow any Group permissions in the custom role (also not including the Enroll Anyone permission) or Admins will be able to override the Locked Department feature you have applied to your portal.

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