Admin Refresh Beta: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: How do I get connected?

A: Because all of your data has been copied over, when you visit your test portal using the link to your test portal all of your existing user credentials will work as you expect!


Q: How do I submit feedback on my experience?

A: You can submit feedback right in the application! By clicking on the icon pictured below you will open the Information and Feedback applet in which you can find previous messaging on features and submit any feedback you have. That feedback is being monitored by the Admin Refresh Team - no need to use our support center.



Q: What should I try?

A: You will receive messaging in the application requesting that you spend some time with specific features we are interested in, but of course you can explore any aspect of the Admin Refresh. We are very much looking forward to seeing performance data related to your everyday workflows - such as enrolling a large grouping of users into a lengthy established Curriculum.


Q: Will anyone get notifications on my testing activity?

A: No, we have not connected any email services to the Admin Refresh BETA, and so there will no notification emails sent to anyone in your organization.


Q: Can any of the data I create during the Admin Refresh BETA be moved to my production Absorb LMS portal?

A: No.


Q: You mentioned 'slices'. Are there any slices that don't work?

A: All 'slices' should work as you've come to expect from Absorb LMS, though some like "Portal Settings" are not accessible from the refreshed pages.


Q: What is the WCAG and where can I find more information?

A: The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are a conversation with the disabled community in order to support equal accessibility in features and functionality of web-based content. For a lot more information, you can visit:


Q: I'm getting a file upload error, but I really want to use this file in my test. Is there anything I can do?

A: During the initial BETA period you can rename the file if you want to add it again.

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