How to Configure the Social Profile and Conversations for your Portal


System Admins can configure the Social Profile and User Conversations for their portal. These two features that enhance the social experience of your Learners.  If the Social Profile is enabled, other Learners in your portal will be able to view a version of the Learner's profile.  If Conversations are enabled, Learners will be able to message one another within the Learner Experience. This article guides System Admins on how to add these features to their Learner Dashboards.

Note: Admins do not have visibility to these conversations through the Admin Portal. They will need to Impersonate a User to see these conversations. 

Important Note 

Though both the Learner Social Profile and the User Conversations can be enabled simultaneously, a System Admin can choose to only enable one of these features without enabling the other. 


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System Admins should sign in to the Admin site and select the Settings icon from the right side of the page.  Several Account options will be displayed.


Select Portal Settings from the Account options.

3. Select Users tab to view all portal options that relate to the Users.   image3.png

Scroll down until you locate the Learner Social Profile toggle button.  If you enable this (turn it ON), it will allow a user's name on the Learner Dashboard to become clickable and display a viewable version of the user's profile.  If this is OFF, then users will not be able to see the user profile of others in your Portal.


Next, you will have the option to enable User Conversations.  If this is turned On, Learners will be able to click on a user's name wherever it is visible within the Learner Dashboard and open a conversation modal.


If you have turned on User Conversation, you will be by default the feature that sends email to Learners for new conversations will also be ON.  Unless disabled, the learner will then receive a message each time another learner messages them.  


If you choose to send learners conversation emails, you can select a snooze time period (to help reduce the number of emails a Learner will receive while in a conversation.)  Select the Hours and Minutes you want the LMS wait before sending an email notification for an existing conversation.

(For example, when in a conversation with another learner, the LMS will not send any more email notifications for that conversation until the 2 hour time period elapses from the last time an email was sent.)

8. Select the Save button on the right hand side of the page to save your configurations.     image_7.png


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