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If User Conversations have been enabled for your portal. Learners can interact with one another through Messages within the portal.  This article will walk you through the steps needed to locate a Learner in the Leaderboards (available in the Absorb Engage module) and interact with them through the User Conversations.  

Important Note 

If you do not have Leaderboards, yet Conversations has been enabled, your Learners can have Conversations through the Course Comments section of a Course.  They can just click on the name of Learner who has made a Comment and then follow steps beginning with step 3 below.


Step Action Image

Sign in to the LMS and select the Menu icon from the upper right corner of the Learner Dashboard.

(If your Dashboard has a Leaderboards Tile, you can skip this step and navigate directly to the list of Learners.)


Scroll down and select Leaderboards.


3. Select the Learner from this list by clicking on their name. You will then see the Conversations window.    


If you are taken to the Learner Social Profile instead of the Conversations window (this indicates that the Social Profile has also been enabled for your portal), you will need to select the Send Message button listed on the upper left side of the Profile page to see the Conversations window.




5. Jot your message in the space that says Write a Message. Your message cannot exceed 2000 characters. (You will see a message countdown located next to the Send Message button.) UC3.png
6.  Select Send Message. UC5.png
7. Your completed message will appear in the upper section of the message box. The Learner's response will appear below your message.   UC6.png
8. If your Learner does not respond immediately and you close the message window, you can check for their messages by clicking the messages icon on the header of your Learner Dashboard. You can see up to 5 messages in this header. UC7.png
9. You can also check for new Conversations in the Messages area of your Profile page by clicking the Message tab. Here, the newest discussions will be displayed first. CUfinal.png
10. If you click on the new Message, the window will open and you can review and reply. CUfinalb.png 
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  • Most of this only applies to the Mercury Module - without it, I can't add a menu item for Leaderboards 

    Great posts on these new features though - thanks!

  •  Thanks for the feedback Linda, course comments allows conversations even outside the mercury module, with some limitations regarding the leaderboard feature.  We have shared the conversations option in the important notes but we will be sure to highlight it a nit more so that is clear,  Thanks again for the feedback!


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