How to Configure Courses for the Absorb Learn Mobile App

The following is for Admins who have portals that have enabled the Absorb Learner Mobile App. Learn more about this feature here.


If your Portal has been configured to allow your Learners access to courses through the Absorb Learn mobile app, Admins can configure their new online Courses and Curriculum to make them accessible through this app.  If your system was newly configured to allow mobile app access, Admins will also need to edit existing courses so that they are mobile accessible.  This article guides Admins through the steps needed to configure Courses and Curriculum for mobile access via the Absorb Learn Mobile App.  

Important Note (If Applicable)

Please check with your System Admin to ensure that your Portal has been configured so that your Learners can access their Courses through the Absorb Learn Mobile App.  (System Admins can review this article to learn how to configure your Portal to allow your Learners access to the Absorb Learn Mobile App.)


Step Action Image 

Sign in to the LMS and select the Menu icon from the upper right corner of the Learner Dashboard.


Scroll down and select Admin. 


Navigate to Courses by selecting Courses from the menu options on the left side of the page.  You will be taken to the Course Summary Report.


Select Add New Online Course or Curriculum or select a Course and then the Edit Actions. (Check out these articles if you do not know how to create an online Course  or  Curricula.)

5. The Add Course or Edit Course page will then be displayed.  Go to the More tab. mappc3.png 

Scroll down the page to Enable for Mobile App. Move this toggle button to On to enable it or Off to disable the Course or Curricula for app access.


To allow the content to be downloadable so that your Learners can make progress in it when offline, select ON for the Allow Course Content Download toggle button.

(Note that the additional button - Mobile Companion Download is not needed for this version of the app.)


Click the Save button on the right side of the page. 

If an error appears that indicates that some lesson content is not supported by the mobile app, you can either remove this lesson content or choose to go back to step 6 and select NO to disable the Course enabled for mobile. Then Click Save Again.

(You can learn more about the features and troubleshooting in this article.)



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