How do Learners Login to the Absorb Learning Mobile App?

The following is available to Learners if their portal has been enabled for the Absorb Learning Mobile App. Learn more about this feature here.


If the Absorb Learning mobile app has been enabled on your portal, your Learners can view their Course Catalog and complete online Courses and Curricula through the Absorb App.  Your Learners can login using either SSO or by entering their username and credentials.  This article can be used by Admins to educate their Learners on the steps they need to take to login to the Absorb Learning mobile app.  


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After launching the Absorb Learning mobile app, the Learner must enter the URL of their portal and select NEXT.


If your Portal has been configured with the Service Provider Initiated SAML SSO and route, the Learner will be redirected to your organization's cloud-based identity provider (iDP) and will be asked to type in their username and then select Continue.


If your Portal has not been configured with SSO, your Learners will be asked to enter their username and password credentials and then click Login.


Once signed in using the SSO sign in or the username and password option, Learners will then be directed to a new page where they will view My Courses and the Catalog.

5. The My Courses option is the default, so if the Learner has not yet enrolled they will see the message that says "Sorry, we couldn't find any results."  They then should click on the Catalog so that they can enroll in Courses. (Review this article for details on how users can enroll in Courses and Curricula using the Absorb Learning Mobile APP.) sso2.png 
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